Patricia McLoughlin

A Damaged Life
Furniture delivered broken is just the start of it.....
OK so in the grand scheme of things, fire, floods and pestilence acknowledged, this rates low on
Life of Pi
Life of Pi
Believe the author when he says this is a tall tale. It is but Yann Martel’s wonderful Mann Booker
Women Frozen Out in Economic Climate
Female Unemployment at an all time high!
While the nation marked the passing of Margaret Thatcher, our first female Prime Minister, and our
FOOD FACTS & FICTION with Professor Jane Plant CBE
Professor Jane Plant CBE
Professor Jane Plant CBE will be busting the dietary myths at the Richmond Gate Hotel on Wednesday
Annemarie Jacir - 'When I Saw You'
Annemarie Jacir
The Bird’s Eye View film festival at the BFI on London’s South Bank kicked off with the UK
Erica Wexler - Sunlit Night
Erica Wexler
Erica Wexler completed her newly released album Sunlit Night just before a major retrospective at
Lindy Woodhead - Loving Mr Selfridge
Lindy Woodhead
Lindy Woodhead was “a little in love” with Harry Gordon Selfridge when writing Shopping, Seduction
Mr Selfridges
Lindy Woodhead's Shopping Seduction and Mr Selfridge
You may have loved the ITV series but in the book on which it was based – Shopping, Seduction
International Women's Day UN Says End the Violence
During International Women's Year in 1975 the United Nations started celebrating International
Hope Springs
Hope Springs
To celebrate the Blu-ray and DVD release of Hope Springs, Momentum Pictures teamed up with Mature