Patricia McLoughlin

Christmas a Crisis Point for Vulnerable Women says Jazz Legend
Claire and the Montpellier Cello Quartet
Join Claire Martin Celebrating 40 Years of Fabulous Work for Women Brighton Women’s Centre Jazz
Paulina Garcia Is Glorious Gloria!
Paulina Garcia
It shouldn’t be a surprise that the actress currently winning critical acclaim is a relative
Camilla and Deborah Kerslake
Camilla Kersalake and her mother Deborah
Patricia McLoughlin has been talking to singing star Camilla Kersalake and her mother Deborah
Instructions for a Heatwave
Family secrets and lies.  Patricia McLoughlin returns to familiarity of novelist Maggie O’Farrell’s
Charlotte Jaconelli - A Talented Brit
Charlotte Jaconelli
Life after Britain’s Got Talent has proved productive for Charlotte Jaconelli. She took time out
Making Love Work the Second Time Around
Making Love Work Again
A divorce – or indeed the end of any serious relationship – can put you in a very vulnerable state
British Shame - Deserting Those Who Made a Difference
Alexander Perkins says Churchill would be shocked
Former soldiers are currently petitioning Downing Street to secure the safety of Afghan
Salade Niçoise
Salade Niçoise
We’ve either overindulged on holiday or are still trying to trim down for the beach.  And when it
Méav’s Comes Calling
Irish folk artist Méav has a perfectly crystal clear voice that shines like her perfect teeth. 
The Universe v Alex Woods
The Universe vs Alex Wood
Alex Woods is seventeen when he is pulled over at the Nothing to Declare lane at Dover. High on