Patricia McLoughlin

Ibiza reward for entire staff
The Team at Rock & Fairy
Ibiza reward for entire staff Chris le Good wrote his fiancé, Lindzi, a children’s book titled
Georgina Nelson – TruRating
Georgina Nelson
The main driver for most businesses today is data. Understanding your customers’ needs, habits
Breastfeeding Tech
Breast Pumps of the Future
It has long been accepted that “breast is best” when it comes to feeding babies but that assumes
Keep Control this Christmas with Kurio Tab Advance
Kurio Tab Advance
Tired of your kids stealing your phone or tablet and watching them drop it on the kitchen floor
Will Robots Exterminate Our Jobs?
The robots are coming
The robots are coming and they will be taking many of our jobs by 2030 according to recent studies
On Your Knees Alexa!
On Your Knees Alexa!
Why are virtual assistants almost always female?  Is this a sexist plot to put women in their
Dashni Morad - Love Wins
Dashni Morad
If you are from Iraqi Kurdistan, your beloved father swam and walked from Turkey to Germany to make
The Listening Room
The Listening Room
How many of us would want to talk to someone who had gone to prison for the senseless killing of
Stage Side
The Dresser
NEW PRODUCTION OF THE DRESSER Director Sean Foley, Producer Mark Goucher Most of us
Karen Guthrie – Up Close
Director Karen Guthrie
Director Karen Guthrie talks to Patricia McLoughlin about her new film, The Closer We Get, dealing