Sustainable Style at the Races

Sustainable Style at the Races

Colour Me Beautiful: Sustainable Style at the Races 

It could be said that colour me beautiful is decades ahead of the game where sustainable style is concerned. As the recognised leader in the image industry, colour me beautiful has championed the term ‘shop your own wardrobe’ since 1983, saving clients’ money and helping the environment in the process. Sounds dramatic but we all know the statistics by now; it takes 3,000 litres of water to make one cotton t-shirt. Encouraging clients to wear what they already own, has saved millions, probably billions of gallons of water over the years. 

Royal Ascot is doing its bit this year, with a focus on style and sustainability. Ladies Day is likely to be a glamorous event, and it is hoped that ‘looking your best’ doesn’t necessarily mean buying something new. 

But how do you put a pre-loved or vintage look together? colour me beautiful CEO, Cliff Bashforth shares his tips for pulling off a very stylish look.

Make your wardrobe your first port of call. A dress that you wore for a wedding can be worn differently. Try it with a short, fitted cardigan; a stylish and on-trend look, with the added bonus of layering, because we all know the UK weather doesn’t always play ball. 

It’s also worth a rummage in an elderly relative’s wardrobe (with their permission of course). It goes without saying that many older pieces are far superior where tailoring is concerned. 

The art of wearing something old is to bring it up to date with current accessories and shoes. The 1950s fit and flare dress teamed with a contemporary toe-loop sandal and a puffy cloud bag will look modern. Of course, the upside is that there is little chance of someone else wearing the same outfit. 

Getting the right fit is key to looking stylish, so be prepared to pay a seamstress to work their magic. It could be something as simple as lowering the hem or changing the whole shape of the dress.

If an item has that old vintage fusty smell, spray distilled white vinegar all over it and hang outside to air. The vinegar acts as a deodoriser. For delicate fabrics, pour vinegar into a bowl and place it in a cupboard or small room with the item for a few hours. Don’t worry, you won’t smell like the local chippy!

Most importantly, make sure the colour that you choose is a flattering shade on you, and the cut suits your body shape. You’ll feel a million dollars!

For colour and style inspiration visit Colour Me Beautiful here.

Poppy Watt

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