Sussex Special Handcrafted Candles

Sussex Special Handcrafted Candles

Sussex Special Handcrafted Candles – Inspired by Sussex nature, childhood memories and personal experiences from travelling around the world, founder Mimi Hallas has developed a vegan soy candle range to bring joy, relaxation and pleasure to the user.

“When you light our candles, you create energy, comfort and security. You are at home, at peace, away from the noisy bustle of the world beyond.” States Mimi.

Many of us love to burn candles throughout the home. The mesmerising sight of a burning flame can bring relaxation and calm to your environment. However, there is more to candles than just the hypnotic effects and exotic fragrance.

The Sussex Special natural candles are made of 100% natural soy wax.

Not only are there “green” advantages to choosing soy wax over a different type of candle wax, but soy wax is also high performing and also burns slower than paraffin wax, meaning you get a candle that lasts longer. While all candles emit some black soot while burning, candles made from soy wax burns cleaner and results in less soot. They are safe, clean and non-toxic as well as plant-based and vegan

Benefits of Sussex Special Soy Candles

Our candles are vegan – Something we know that is important to many of our customers is the fact that we offer vegan candles.

Non-Toxic – Natural wax produces clean smoke that is low in soot and non-carcinogenic, therefore it does not contain toxins, so it will not release pollutants into the air when burnt. If you have ever burned a candle and seen a ring of black soot on the glass, that is the result of the petroleum used to make paraffin wax and an indication of the toxins released by the flame. When a paraffin candle is burned, it produces toxic petrol-carbon soot, which can be harmful, it can also darken your walls, furniture, and ceilings of your home.

The soy candle may accumulate some soot on the container, but the amount is much less. If your candle produces dark smoke after some time burning means the wick is too longextinguish the candle, trim the excess wick and let it cool before re-lighting. For more tips on burning, take a look at the Sussex Special candle care and safety page.

Long-lasting – Soy wax candles burn at a lower temperature than traditional candles, meaning they burn much slower, cooler and for longer. A natural wax candle has as much as 30-50% extra burning time. However, do bear in mind that your burn rate and candle characteristics might be different depending on the temperature of the room you burn it in.

More fragrant – While burning your candles the only smell you will notice is the specially created fragrance that Sussex Special infuse their wax with, which are unique blends of spices, woods, fruits, flora and fauna. Their soy wax candles vaporise fragrance oils more efficiently than traditional paraffin wax candles, releasing more fragrance into your home. Due to the lack of soot and toxins released into the air, our candles have a high fragrance profile. The chemicals released by paraffin wax can interfere with the scent during burning, having a natural wax clean burn really shows the candle’s actual scent.

Sussex Special candles are divided into distinctive collections.

Sussex Special Handcrafted Candles

Boutique mirrors emotions and occasions, from sparkling parties to deep desires. The Enchanted Forest Scented Soy Candle with a herbal/wood style comes highly recommended by Women Talking. A signature classical scent of strong and pungent bergamot, aromatic rosemary, and peppermint open your imagination with fresh lavender and vitalising geranium, that completes this woodsy and rich fairy-tale with precious woods and patchouli.

Limited Edition has experimental, seasonal scents. Snuggle down in winter under a blanket or embrace the warmth and freedom of summer’s long days. 

Treasures include original scents to evoke places and memories from across the world, from salty beach days to exotic nights. We tried the Bulgarian Enigma Scented Soy Candle with a floral/fruit style with notes plum, soft and earthy saffron, gentle iris, powerful and sharp rose, elegant jasmine, sweet and floral orris root, rich and spicy amber, dry and smoky vetiver and is all rounded by a woodsy papyrus and love it!

Charisma is a selection of charming candles that bring comfort, joy and beauty by the infusion of fruits and florals.

Sussex Special Collection – Experience the spirit of Sussex and enjoy a moment of the great outdoors, while snuggled up relaxed in the comfort of your own home

For more information visit Sussex Candles here

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