Super U – Organic Superfoods

Super U – Organic Superfoods

Super U – Organic Superfoods – We generally associate coffee as a stimulant and a ‘pick me up” however our friends at Super U have taken this one step further incorporating a chosen selection of healthy mushroom ingredients transforming my coffee into a super coffee.

Shroom Coffee is a blend of premium instant Arabica Coffee, Maca and dual-extracted Chaga, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, making it the perfect brew to boost energy, productivity, and focus.

Having the first-hand experience, Super U founders Charlotte and Sean wanted to share the benefits of natural superfoods on health and well-being. They believe that the small changes we can make with our dietary intake, without us realising, have a bigger overall health impact. 

Their mission is to make superfoods more accessible and convenient for everyone. They source the most nutrient-dense ingredients on the planet, to create super user-friendly blends, for us to experience and enjoy at home.

Superfoods are mostly plant-based foods that are found to be nutritionally dense and thus good for one’s health. They contain a variety of nutrients, such as antioxidants, which are thought to ward off cancer. They also have healthy fats, thought to prevent heart disease and fibre, thought to prevent diabetes and digestive problems; and phytochemicals that are believed to protect cells from damage that could lead to cancer.

Super U wanted to source the perfect coffee to work in synergy with medicinal mushrooms and have produced Shroom Coffee – This organic Arabica Coffee blend is harvested in the stunning mountains of Guatemala and Costa Rica. They then roast to perfection to create a smooth, rich blend with subtle notes of cocoa for the perfect dark roast.

A favourite in functional medicine, Chaga is utilised for its amazing immune-boosting properties. Once fully grown on mature birch trees, their wildcrafted Chaga is then dual extracted into a dissolvable powder.

Cordyceps stimulate the central nervous system and adrenal glands to support a steady release of energy. This helps to increase stamina and athletic performance but is also useful for anyone who struggles with the midday slump.

Lion’s Mane helps support brain health by promoting neuronal growth and protecting nerve fibres. This has been shown to boost cognitive function, optimising focus, and creativity. They extract the fruiting body to form a dissolvable powder, that does not contain anything unnatural.

Super U – Organic Superfoods

The Benefits of Shroom Coffee include:

Only 50mg of caffeine per serving, which is less than half the amount of caffeine compared to a regular cup of coffee.

500mg of dual-extracted mushrooms per serving for a multitude of amazing health benefits.

Adaptogenic Properties – To help the body minimise the harmful effects of stress.

Certified Organic with only 100% organic ingredients.

Having tried the coffee in a variety of different styles, the coffee has an incredibly smooth taste which surprisingly does taste like coffee rather than mushrooms. My personal preference, particularly with the warmer weather was a cold brew which I enjoyed with ice as well as a longer latte drink with ice and plant-based milk. 

How to use your Shroom Coffee for drinks:

For Hot Coffee and Iced Coffee:

Use a Cafetière

Add 1 dessert spoon (15g) per 250ml of boiled water. Mix well and let brew for 4-5 minutes before plunging. 

Cold Brew Coffee:

Mix 1 dessert spoon (15g) per 250ml of water. Cover and keep refrigerated for at least 12 hours before straining.

This is certainly a wonderful product to try, and I look forward to exploring other products in their range. All the Super U blends are certified Organic, Gluten-Free and Plant-Based without any added sweeteners, flavourings, or fillers. 

Super U are keen to give back to the planet and have partnered with the non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted to plant trees all around the world – to help reverse the damage caused by deforestation.

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