smart-tilt®the worlds first smart window shutter

smart-tilt®the worlds first smart window shutter

Always looking out for the latest in technology, we love these fabulous window shutters.

smart-tilt® is the worlds first smart window shutter and is being launched by Elizabeth Henley® Ltd. Designed and developed over the last three years.

smart-tilt® has microprocessor technology fitted within the top of the shutter; as the shutters close at dusk the integrated LED light switches on to give mood lighting in the room, but more importantly, from outside, the empty house looks occupied, which is a great security feature. 

The shutter design and wingtip® have been patented, and a license agreement has been signed with Apple® to implement the home kit technology in the shutters, making us the first window shutter company to be endorsed by Apple®. 

The shutters can be further controlled via the app on your smartphone to turn the auto function off, adjust individual shutters and dim the integrated lighting.

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