Smart luxury from Russell & Bromley

Smart Luxury from Russell & Bromley

Smart luxury from Russell & Bromley – The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses and industries worldwide, including the fashion industry. Shows have been cancelled, supply chains delayed, and fashion consumption has slowed due to budgets being evaluated and a new consciousness rising. The effect of fast fashion on the environment, rising preference for longevity, and more conscientious spending have encouraged clients to shop for second-hand luxury items, such as pre-owned Russell & Bromley shoes

What then is the best way to shop in the aftermath of this pandemic?

Fashion sustainability

It has been established that fast fashion is wasteful and is one of the leading causes of pollution. The cheap clothes and outfit that you get in a bargain will probably last only a few washes, after which these will end up in a landfill. The questionable labour practices that go into mass manufacturing are also an ethical concern. Faced with this information, there has been a change in mindset, especially in Gen-Z and millennial consumers, who make up the majority of the demographic. They’re now opting for fewer, better pieces that last longer.

Luxury fashion

Timelessness is one of the characteristics of luxury items. Even if these are more expensive at the outset, their sturdy construction and artistry ensure their usefulness for far longer, making them worthy investment pieces. Russell & Bromley, for example, has been combining craftsmanship and quality in men’s and women’s shoes and bags since 1880. A brand with this reputation, therefore, continues to be one of the definitive icons of luxury fashion. 

In addition, consumers rate more favourably companies that give back to the community and that care for the environment. Brands and designers, like consumers, are also undergoing a paradigm shift and are gearing towards more sustainable fashion.

Smart luxury from Russell & Bromley

Lifestyle changes

Aside from luxury articles, purchase interest in day-to-day fashion items have also changed. With the majority working from home even as the pandemic wanes, comfortable yet professional outfits have been in demand. There has also been a resurgence in loungewear and athletic gear, as individuals adapt to a new lifestyle and at the same time maintain healthy living through home workouts. There are also more people buying reusable face masks, again in light of decreasing waste, and other clothing that may be used as face coverings, such as chic silk scarves and bandannas.

Pre-loved resourcefulness

Aside from the trend of opting for a more sustainable and luxurious fashion, consumers are also becoming more resourceful about spending their hard-earned money. Vintage pieces are always stylish and in vogue, but so are more classically designed fashion items, such as leather bags with clean lines and sturdy boots. However, these can be costly, which is why buying secondhand has also become a social movement. Purchasing pre-loved items are in line with more informed consumerism, as it reduces waste, allows you to score luxury pieces, and also keep your budget.

For example, Vestiaire Collective is a global platform where a community of fashion lovers can buy and sell curated pieces their own wardrobes. The engagement of its members allows for a social environment while shopping, which is a welcome respite given the isolation during the pandemic. Moreover, it ensures a unique stock of inventory with competitive prices, which makes hunting for bargains a smart treat for yourself.


Shopping values have changed in light of this pandemic, and both consumers and brands have to adapt to make smarter choices without sacrificing their expressions of individuality through fashion. Opting for sustainably made articles, artistry, and quality craftsmanship purchased pre-loved and within a social setting allow for a luxurious experience without a hefty price tag, all while showing the environment some love.

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