Short Stop…With Katiya Falcone

Short Stop…With Katiya Falcone

Short Stop…With Katiya Falcone

1. Did you always want to pursue a career in music?
“No, I started dance school at the age of three but always wanted to be an actress so went to drama college in Leeds. It was here that I decided maybe I would try my hand at singing and then I enrolled into a music college and the rest is history.”

2. What kind of music influenced you as you were growing up?
“So many different kinds of music influenced me. I grew up listening to my dad’s music which was Little Richard, Elvis, the Bee Gee’s and the carpenters and then I had my big sisters music which was Bros, Madonna and Gloria Estefan.”

3. Were your family supportive of your decision to make career in music?
“My mum always told me to have a back-up plan but I ignored her advice. My dad however loves my singing as he sees himself as a bit of a crooner (he can actually sing).”

4. How difficult was it to get into the music ‘business’ for you?
“It’s taken a long time but good things come to those who wait. It’s all about networking and building up contacts and then when you have the right sound it sort of just falls into place.”

5. Do you enjoy the writing process?
“I LOVE being in the studio that is where all the creativity comes alive and it’s so much fun co-writing with like-minded people.”

6. How would you classify your music?
“I would say it’s dramatic, cinematic, dark and moody.”

7. Can you tell us a little more about your single ‘Lust Is A Ride Through Hell?’
“I came up with the title about 2 years ago but never did anything with it. Then, when I got in the studio with Ed Harcourt I mentioned the title to him and he loved it so we co-wrote the song together. It’s about being in that first stage of interest with someone and they are all you can think about but not in a healthy way and you feel out of your depth and not in control, lust and love are worlds apart.”

8. Do you enjoy playing shows?
“I haven’t performed on stage for a few years so I’m very excited about getting back up there. I do love performing live as you get to really interact with your audience and gage how they feel about your music.”

9. Do you have any tours or gigs lined up in the UK?
“Now I am concentrating on getting the set right with my band, we have been rehearsing for a few weeks so should be ready to start gigging very soon so keep your eyes and ears peeled.”

10. How important is social media to your project?
“I think social media is a huge part of life now, it is a great platform to connect with people all over the world and way of expressing yourself through visuals, thoughts and feelings.”

11. Is there any artist you would like to perform or write with at the moment?
“This is a tough one. I think it would be interesting to write with Lady Gaga. I like how versatile she can be and I would love to sing with John legend. I adore the tone of his voice.”

12. What’s next on your agenda for this year?
“Lots of gigs, promo and more writing and recording.”

13. What are your main interests outside of music?
“I love going to restaurants. I’m a bit of a foodie and I like watching documentaries.”

14. What is your pet hate?
“People eating with their mouth open, it drives me around the bend.”

15. What’s your favourite film?
“Shawshank Redemption.”

16. What’s your star sign?
“Capricorn (stubborn to the bone).”

17. Do you have a favourite food?
“I LOVE pasta but also a huge fan of sushi.”

For more information on Katiya Falcone visit her Facebook page here

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