Regentiv Joint & Muscle Relief Cream

Regentiv Joint & Muscle Relief Cream

Regentiv Joint & Muscle Relief Cream – With summer approaching, we have the luxury of long hours of daylight and warmer evenings ahead. Many, like myself, will be spending those additional hours outside pottering around in the garden.

As with most enthusiastic gardeners, bending, kneeling, trimming, and moving heavy pots and garden furniture seems a trivial task at the time, however, general aches and pain soon materialise hours later, if not the following day!

Thinking ahead of time, precautions have been put in place with Regentiv Joint & Muscle Relief Cream.

This beautifully textured, naturally fragranced cream is a luxurious blend of skin-conditioning plant extracts to instantly soothe and ease tired, aching joints and muscles and relieves stress-related pain, cramp, and muscle fatigue.

How does it work?

For those with an active lifestyle, it is only natural to get aches and pains. Joint & Muscle Relief Cream helps to support the restoration of healthy connective tissue to reduce inflammation and alleviate soreness and spasms.

Is a natural way to soothe and ease tired, aching joints and muscles and is perfect for those that need support in managing aches, stiffness, sprains, soreness, and injuries, leaving your skin feeling healthy, restored, and repaired.

Use for – neck and shoulder stress, joint and arthritis pain, cramp, muscular strain, post-exercise, improved flexibility, anti-inflammatory and in turn this will help to aid restful sleep.

Joint and Muscle Relief Cream combines the natural extracts that have potent anti-inflammatory properties such as Arnica flower extract, Peppermint oil, Shea Butter, Camphor, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Cannabidiol Isolate.

CBD is extremely effective in the treatment of muscle and joint pain. The cannabidiol that is used within this cream is non-psychoactive therefore you will not get the so-called “high” that is associated with cannabis.

How to use – massage daily into your skin to help give increased flexibility and relax stiff joints and tendons.

For all skin types, cruelty-free, paraben-free and suitable for Vegans.

Made in the UK Regentiv has become one of the world’s finest skincare collections.

The Regentiv story began over two decades ago… created by Harley Street Skin Specialist Elaine Thornhill. Having been frustrated with the results of the products available, she set out to create a range of specialist skincare for her patients and surgeons to use both prior to, during and after procedures to aid skin healing and treat skin problems and concerns.

Using her wealth of knowledge, it was her desire to improve and preserve healthy-looking skin with preparations formulated to the highest quality, with ingredients that are natural, the best that science has to offer, hardworking and therefore giving outstanding results.

It didn’t take long for word to spread and following demand, the range was made available to the public, and so Regentiv was born.

For more information regarding Regentiv visit the website here.

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