Recycled Paint Pot Mirrors

Recycled Paint Pot Mirrors

There is nothing we won’t recycle nowadays. Even our old paint pots have been given a modern-day makeover!

Smithers Paint Recycled Pot Mirrors are an original, creative, colourful way to brighten up your home. These designs are the epitome of creativity and will add an artistic pop of colour to your wall like never before. The recycled mirrors work well both horizontally and vertically in a simple, white space where the colour demands attention and brings your wall to life.

Smithers of Stamford is an online vintage, industrial, retro furniture and lighting store set up by Nick Smith and run with his life partner Emma.

Smithers came to life thanks to Nick’s sheer frustration at not being able to source good quality designer furniture on the high street and a strong love for interior design that verges on the outrageously funky and quirky!

Born out of a passion for Lambrettas, retro clothing, soul music and many visits to Carnaby St and Brick Lane, London, Nicks love for vintage, modern living have been with him for as long as he can remember.

Emma is a brilliant interior designer. With Emma’s interior talent and a shared interest in Listed buildings, natural patina, and a love for the rare and wonderful, they felt it their absolute mission to bring Smithers to life.

Products from this company are shipped to: all countries globally and are located in: United Kingdom

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