Reclaim your original style with Scaramanga

Reclaim your original style with Scaramanga

Reclaim your original style with Scaramanga

There’s no doubting the rise in popularity of vintage furniture and interiors and there doesn’t seem to be a high street homewares or furniture retailer that does not have a vintage style ranges and lookalike furniture. However, going original with old and vintage means furniture was generally handcrafted by experts using quality materials for a specific purpose and made to last. Best of all it’s the individual stories, details and histories that antiques, vintage and repurposed pieces bring with them that really set them apart.

Scaramanga founder, Carl, shows some of the details that make buying vintage worth the little extra. So whether it was travel storage trunks for carrying clothes on transatlantic journeys, glass storage cabinets used by shopkeepers for displaying their wares or storage chests used by jewellery makers and artisans reusing antique and vintage furniture means they get a new lease of life, but it’s all about the detail that makes vintage and antique furniture unusual and unique.

‘We don’t do reproductions. Each piece that we sell is old, original and comes with amazing craftsmanship and a history of its own. This means a lot to us and we hope it means something to you as well.

All our authentic furniture is personally selected by Carl and carefully restored by expert craftsmen, to ensure they will last for generations, but still keep the character and patina they have acquired over the years.

It takes a considerable time to acquire the knowledge, gain the experience and master traditional furniture restoration and making. The people who restore our furniture are dedicated to excellence and fine detail. They bring our furniture back to life without losing its history, acquired patina and character built up over many years.

Scaramanga also works with a small number of specialist vintage and antique furniture suppliers in the UK to find original furniture from around the world. 

Naturally Faded Painted Furniture
A lot of the vintage furniture Scaramanga buys is painted furniture. They would have been made from tropical hardwoods like teak and rosewood and after years of use, its owner would have painted it to give it a new lease of life. After several years of hard use the piece would be painted again in a different colour, this would be repeated again. Over many years with repeated use the layers of paint would be rubbed, fade and chip off to reveal previous layers of paint and/or the original natural teakwood. Authentic faded paintwork will be shown to be uneven so there is more fading and distressing in some parts and less in others.
Of course, faded painted vintage furniture shows a piece is old and the way a piece reveals its layers will be different for each piece as they are used in different ways and will be unique.

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