Reasons Why There Needs to Be More Women in Leadership Roles

Reasons Why There Needs to Be More Women in Leadership Roles

There might have been quite a sign of progress regarding gender equality in recent years, but we still have a long way to go. In many areas, we still need female leaders, and they should get the same opportunity as men. In business, women are gradually going up the ranks, but it is still a man’s world. Some companies hesitate to put women at the helm. These reasons will convince you that having women in leadership roles helps a lot.

Promote inclusion 

Companies need to be inclusive and welcoming. A business that only has men in top positions won’t promote an inclusive environment. Seeing more women at the top will also motivate other women to strive hard since their efforts could bear positive results. It also shows them that there is a place for them in the industry in areas that used to be only for men.

Women work hard 

In the past, women were only for household chores and raising kids. Despite that, women did a heck of a job. It shows that women are hardworking and they can do even the most impossible tasks. When given a chance to prove themselves as leaders, they will try everything possible to reach their goals.

It shows that qualifications matter 

The downside of having mostly men at the top is that it creates a notion that women are not as qualified as men- that they don’t have the same skills, talents, and potentials. It is a false characterisation of women. Therefore, seeing women taking on leadership roles is proof that their qualifications and experiences matter. 

A different viewpoint

Whether we accept it or not, men and women think in different ways across a wide range of issues. Having an all-male leadership team will lead to the same ideas. Having women at the table allows a different voice. Some issues specifically require women to take the lead since they are the authority.

Women listen well 

Over the years, women have not had as much voice as men. It might be wrong, but it gave women a necessary skill- listening. When we put women at the table, they will not only bring their voice when it matters, but they also hear before deciding. These days, when everyone seems to have something to say, it helps to have people who will listen and not make immediate judgments.

They are nurturing

Sometimes, men can be too logical in decision making, and they forget to realise that people have emotions. Women see things differently. They are nurturing and empathetic. They also check how other people feel when they make changes or implement new things.  

They are risk-takers

Women don’t fear trying something new. For instance, if you are seeking a new marketing campaign, you can count on them to push forward even if it seems impossible. The idea of using pop up banners might not be feasible for a lot of people because they are outdated. However, women see their value and will take the risk using them.

It is time to have more women in leadership roles, and there are many more reasons than the ones mentioned in this article.

Poppy Watt

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