Pros and cons of working at home for women

Pros and cons of working at home for women

Pros and cons of working at home for women – In recent years, women’s role has become very demanding, which has led many women to despair. Home, family work is usually accompanied by a rather tedious program. But what has become necessary for both financial and psychological reasons is work and employment.

How possible is it for a woman to work outside the home, to raise her children, to be a good partner and all that with great success? Quite tedious for all of us and definitely very challenging to get everything in order. The solution arose when women began to choose to work at home. Needless to say, the internet also played a significant role, which brought even more jobs to their space, apart from the traditional ones that already existed. Was teleworking the solution to the stressful time problem, or did it bring other issues to the fore?

Working at home – Pros

Working from home saves us a lot of wasted time and unnecessary wandering. Most of the time, our work is quite far from our house, and we end up being away from our home for many more hours than we originally planned. So the hours for the rest of a woman’s roles (wife, mother, etc.) are dramatically reduced. Working at home is the life-saving solution for any woman who has to raise her children with the financial independence she needs.

Apart from financial reasons as to why women choose to work, inside or outside their home, there are also psychological ones. A job functions as psychotherapy and helps us feel more confident and assured. Through our work, we feel useful and alive. And this pandemic situation has forced all of us to move our work into the safety of our couch or desk. In this way of teleworking, you manage to better plan your time with some relative comfort while reducing the overall stress. Plus, you’re not being told to wear a suit in your own home, am I right?

Some professions, such as voice acting, have not been affected by this whole state of confinement. On the contrary, this whole crisis has created employment and development opportunities. After all, the profession of voice actress has never gone through a specific crisis. Therefore, a voice actress can buy special equipment at home, to practice her profession with comfort, with minimal cost and with great ease. Voice acting is an absolute creative profession aimed at those women who can express themselves effectively through the use of their voice. The company Voquent wants to include new and talented voice actresses in its team, offering competitive salaries and professional development opportunities.

Work at home – Cons

For many women, teleworking can be a daunting task. You can save time and hassle, but you can be trapped inside your home longer than you can handle. It is at all challenging to cross the fine line between work at home and confinement (I know right?).

Also, how easy is it to stay committed and integral to your work at home, letting everyone else know that you are working at the time? Extremely difficult since a woman in her house works like a ‘multi-machine’. On the other hand, the exact opposite also can happen, when you were working relaxed from the comfort of our couch it is not abnormal to get to the point of working many more hours than you ever imagined. What would probably follow would be the total neglect of yourself, your partner, and everything surrounding you.

Tip for working at home

Taking a look at the pros and cons of working at home, we realize that we should not make decisions before considering both sides of the coin as with most things in our lives. We are capable of many good and constructive things as long as we understand that we have complete control over our lives and our choices.

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