Polaar – Arctic Beauty Secrets

Polaar – Arctic Beauty Secrets

Polaar – Arctic Beauty Secrets – Polaar is a French, family brand steeped in exploration of the benefits of the hidden flora and fauna of the world’s most remote and impenetrable regions – the Arctic and has been manufacturing and offering skincare products without parabens, alcohol, or mineral oils since 2006.

The journey began with Daniel Kurbiel who, with his personal and family experience in the Arctic, quickly surrounded himself with the best specialists in the field of polar plant raw materials. 

From a family of explorers and as a young boy Daniel discovered the potency and properties of the hardy 1,700 or so plants that grow in these northernmost regions, including 400 that continue to flower despite the very harsh ecosystem – wild Arctic cotton fields, polar berries and the delicate flower of Nunatak, whose petals have exceptional regenerating and anti-ageing properties, boreal algae, and exceptionally moisturising, restorative, and regenerative glacier water. 

In 2004, Daniel took that generational knowledge and, working with labs and researchers, created the ethically sourced Polaar collections which transpired into an immediate success.

Each treatment originates from an in-depth study of the natural resources of the Arctic Circle. Delicately shaped for centuries and able to survive in extreme conditions, they have become a precious inspiration.

Their cult favourites include Polar Night, IcyMagic and Northern Light.

Women Talking were pleased to have the opportunity to try the roll-on Icymagic Instant Eye Contour Multi Energiser which turned out to be an absolute gem, ideal for any eye issues and beneficial addition to the skincare regime. 

This Roll-On IcyMagic is ideal for all eyes looking for brightness: in one application it helps to erase dark circles, bags, and all traces of fatigue.

One of the main ingredients and key to the success of the product is Siberian Ginseng. Hand-picked from the undergrowth of the vast expanses of the Tundra, the Ginseng root is renowned for its energizing, stimulating and balancing properties. Concentrated in flavonoids and antioxidants, it helps restore radiance, vitality and tone to the skin and eye contour area.

Other Active Ingredients include tetrapeptides, which help to relieve dark circles, puffiness, and elasticity and are concentrated in flavonoids and antioxidants to help restore radiance, vitality and tone to the skin and eye contour area

To help promote the growth of your eyelashes IcyMagic contains active clinically proven Cilbooster.

The ice-cold ball applicator helps to drain and de-puff the eye contour area by massaging and smoothing. Eyes appear well-rested, replenished with smoother, firmer, suppler skin. 

Perfect for use at home or in travel, the clever delivery system means the correct amount is always applied for best results.

To use: press on the pump to release the correct amount of product to apply. Make an oval around the eye with the ice-cold ball (you can keep it in the fridge): start from the inner corner underneath your eye and massage upwards and outwards to any lines. Continue above your eye, massing from the outer sides to the inner corner. Then use the roller on the root of the lashes.

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