Planning Your Perfect Day In The Big City

Planning Your Perfect Day In The Big City

Whether you’re searching for excitement, relaxation or a mixture of the two, no summer is complete without a day in the city.

It’s now easier than ever to embark on adventurous day trips, so whether you’re planning a trip to London or somewhere a little further afield, there are many ways to engage in some quick and easy tourism.

The trick to an amazing day trip is to strike a balance between good organisation and avoiding overpacking your time. To really make the most of a big day out, smart planning is key.

First thing’s first: you need to decide on how you’ll get there. If you’re hopping over to a local city, you may need to think about toll charges and convenient parking spots. JustPark can help you to find the most affordable parking options in your chosen city – so you’ll have more to spend on fun activities.

If you’re jetting off for an action-packed day trip to Paris, fly early and always factor post-flight travel into your itinerary.

Pack a small bag with everything you’ll need for a great day: purse, accessories, water, a picnic blanket and weather-appropriate clothing.

A place to stay
For lovers of luxury and relaxation, a hotel stop can be the best part of a trip away. If you only have a day to spend, you can still benefit from all the luxuries a zen hotel spa has to offer – and often at a fraction of the price.

Book a luxury day use hotel room from a specialist provider like DayBreak Hotels, and you can relax with a bottle of prosecco before your evening flight. Just don’t forget your face mask!

Choosing your activities: city cycling or shop til you drop
City breaks can take many different formats, which is a huge part of the fun. With day trips, it’s important to avoid overpacking your time. Choose the type of trip you’d like, and then create an itinerary based on this.

If you’re searching for a little retail therapy, make sure you plan a route to one of the UK’s famous shopping streets, from London’s Carnaby Street to Princes Street in Edinburgh. Or, schedule a cycling trip around Amsterdam’s many canals. Make sure to book activities ahead of time to avoid delays or disappointment.

Fine dining
Where to eat? It’s a question that causes tension among even the most loved-up of couples, and it can make or break a day trip. Most larger cities have hubs packed with vibrant, independent eateries – if you know where to find them.

In Liverpool, Lark Lane is a quiet street famed for its bohemian restaurants and bars, while Bristol’s Harbourside area is jam-packed with global global flavours. Head to one of these local hubs and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Seeing the sights
To embrace your inner tourist, it’s important to see all the sights. How else can you showcase your visit to envious family and friends? To save time, choose attractions in walking distance from one another, so you won’t need to spend a large portion of the day on public transport.

In London, major attractions like London Bridge and Buckingham Palace are a short distance from many popular galleries and museums – including lesser-known attractions like the Museum of Happiness, for a feel-good factor you can take home.

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