Paperless Post

Paperless Post

How to be eco-friendly, save time, money as well as the trees! 

There is no excuse to ever forget friends, birthday, anniversary, or special occasions with online cards and invitations available online from Paperless Post at your fingertips.

Having once been a really thoughtful card sender, sadly my priorities have changed over the years and there really has been no excuse as to why I always seem to send occasion cards after the event! There is nothing more thrilling than opening a card on, for example, your birthday, just to show someone your thoughts are with him or her on their special day. I appreciate that on my birthday, so why get it so wrong for others? 

Paperless Post is an online card ordering service, that makes choosing cards, flyers and invitation so quick and simple with designs for every occasion, even I have no reason to miss an event again.

Just create an account online, choose your occasion and select your template. You can add a personal touch to your design by uploading a photo as well as music, a backdrop and editing the text to match your event. There is even the opportunity to customise your envelope and envelope liner for your special creation if you so desire.

I like the fact they also have a convenient app I can use on my phone, available for cards on the go, as well as that, the availability to produce a card, leave in my draft box and send when required is a great advantage. The option for my recipients to send a message back once they receive the card is a nice touch and there is an RSVP tracking, so you have up to the minute results for party invites.

If you wish to design something totally unique Paperless Post has a Design Service Team to assist with something truly unique.

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