Our Amazing Insect Community

Our Amazing Insect Community

Our Amazing Insect Community – Women Talking were thrilled to have had the opportunity to contribute and share their knowledge with The World is Their Classroom online blog about Our Amazing Insect Community.

It has been said that mankind will not survive the honeybee’s disappearance for more than five years, hence the reliance on our amazing insect community.

About a third of our food supply depends on pollination. Bees are essential for the production of fruits and vegetables, and with their decline, this is negatively impacting our food chain.

Therefore, it is highly important to help maintain the lifecycle of our garden pollinators with a selection of nectar loving flowers and safe havens for them to reside.

Women Talking online magazine has been enjoying the ongoing challenge of maintaining a garden bug hotel and inviting the local insects to settle in! This has been developing over time and the original wall fixed hotel has now developed further, with a lower ground floor area and now a raised vegetable bed to invite further insect locals and pollinators to the area.

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