Not Sleeping in Lockdown?

Not Sleeping in Lockdown?

Not Sleeping in Lockdown? You’re Not Alone – 700% Increase in Insomnia Search Terms

If you’ve been feeling a little low in lockdown and you’re getting less shut eye than normal, then not to worry, you’re not the only one.

According to new research, the search term “cure for insomnia” went up by 700% in April 2020, in comparison to the month of April 2019.

It doesn’t stop there though, “feeling tired” is up 402% while “not sleeping well” has increased by 400%. On the bright side, a lucky 71% more of the UK have searched for, “sleeping too much” – ah, if only!

Could we put our sleeplessness down to lockdown? Let’s face it, there’s a lot going on at the moment. Most of us are worried about leaving the house or even worried about our family members leaving the house. With regards to work many may have lost their jobs or are trying to incorporate the balance of childcare while working.

Judging by the recent search trends, it’s not just sleeping problems that are on the rise. Health and boredom come top of the list in stress-related searches, closely followed by money worries. Other worries that have peaked during the pandemic include relationships (“how to keep a relationship going”) and anxiety in general, with “can’t sleep due to anxiety” rising by 242%.

One upside to lockdown though, is that while most people have been working from home, “signs of work-related stress” and “feeling stressed at work” search terms are both down. So, perhaps remote working really is the way forward.

Not Sleeping in Lockdown?
How is your sleep routine?

Happy Beds’ sleep expert, Joy Richards, has compiled a list of handy tips on how you can sleep better in lockdown that should help anyone struggling with their sleeping pattern during lockdown.

Hopefully, in a few more weeks when things start to go back to normal, we should find that we go back to lie-ins, relaxation and delightful snoozes!

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