Coconoil certified virgin coconut oil

Pressed from fresh, raw coconut – coconoil is your versatile friend

There’s no escaping claims for the amazing beauty benefits of coconut oil and many think it can replace most of the products in their bathrooms, as well as some in the kitchen.

In the jar it appears as solid wax but once handled melts to an oil said to leave your skin soft and radiant.

Coconut oil, or coconoil, may have been around for years, but it took off fairly recently as a health and beauty product beloved of the likes of Alesha Dixon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sadie Frost and Angelian Jolie, who we are told are either using it on their skin, as a mouthwash, on their hair or even adding it to their breakfast diet.

Melting in your hand as you get it out of the tub, a small scoop of coconoil on the tip of your finger will moisturise both hands, without being greasy. it’s very smooth and soaks into the skin for long-lasting moisture, and supple skin. And, being 100% pure coconut oil, it smells divine, while having no additives.

Quick Tip! Using coconut oil in the shower after shaving your legs gives your skin deep, long lasting nourishment and helps to prevent shaving rash and dry skin!

Because this product is 100% pure coconut oil, it’s not limited to your beauty regime but is literally good enough to eat, especially melted down into a hot cup of coffee, or hot chocolate.You can also use the oil as a substitute for various cooking oils or butter. A level tablespoon of coconoil to lightly fry sliced chicken breasts, adds a fantastic layer of flavouring to a curry.

Coconoil is both affordable and versatile so why not give it a try?

Coconoil is available from prices start from £4.94 for 280g tub.

Harriet Langdown