No-Touch Hand Cleansing

No-Touch Hand Cleansing

No-Touch Hand Cleansing with the EKO Home Smart Dispenser – With more and more emphasis on hygiene in the home and work the EKO Home hands-free aroma smart dispenser certainly gets my sign of approval. Compatible for use with soap as well as hand sanitiser this attractive unit sits perfectly in my kitchen and has been well-used addition by the whole family from day one.

Touch-free dispensers are an important innovation in hand hygiene. The no-touch way to clean your hands helps prevent the spread of germs by avoiding touching unnecessary surfaces. Hands-free dispensers are therefore an effective solution to help reduce the spread of bacteria by eliminating a common touchpoint and spreading harmful bacteria.

As you may be aware, hard surfaces are significant transfer points for viruses and bacteria. Most of what people put down on a surface can be picked up by the next person who comes along. With more people sharing spaces and surfaces more than ever, touch-free technology can prevent cross-contamination.

An increasing number of hospitals, schools and businesses are implementing hands-free soap or sanitiser dispensers to help combat the spread of harmful bacteria, so it makes sense to implement this type of hand cleaning in the home too.

The EKO Home Smart Dispenser is stylish to suit work or home environments, comes in colour options of Matt Dark Grey or stainless steel with a high-quality fingerprint-resistant finish and fits 250ml of your favourite hand cleanser. 

Simple to use – just place your hand under the dispenser for quick and automatic dispensing of liquid soap.

The soap setting is adjustable, allowing you to customise the desired soap flow, eliminating waste. The blue light on the top of the unit flashes once for the dispenser to pump 0.8ml liquid, the blue light flashes twice for the dispenser to pump 1.4ml liquid and three times for 2ml liquid.

To keep you aware of the contents there is a transparent window on the front to tell you when your dispenser requires a soap refill and there is a convenient touch-open lid on the top for easy refilling.

For extra simplicity, Aroma Sense is rechargeable by USB (cable included) so there’s no need for batteries.

Benefits of Hand Sanitation Dispensers:

Reduce risk of cross infection

Ideal for high traffic environments

Particularly useful in kitchen area


Economic – refillable

Standardised dose of soap or dispenser

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