New Beginnings with The Year of the Metal Rat

New Beginnings with The Year of the Metal Rat

Susie Shaw is a Holistic Healer. She is an expert in harmonising and balancing your home and business spaces. Susie is very passionate about Space Clearing, Feng Shui and healing Geopathic Stress, and for the last 23 years, has been successfully helping people to feel at home in their space. 

Susie has given us an outline of what we may expect in the Chinese New Year.

This is a particularly good year for new beginnings. The Chinese Metal Rat Year began on 25th January. It can be a prosperous year and a lucky one. The metal element creates water which means productivity. This is excellent for anyone who wants to start a new business or has a business with technology, cars or within the metal industry. 

Now is the time to put your goals and aspirations into action and not to be discouraged if you don’t see the results straight away. Creative energy and vitality are encouraging you to be the creator of your life and take action. On the challenging side, it is important to plan carefully, don’t wait for things to happen and look after your health.

My 8 tips for New Beginnings

Clear out any clutter and also renew what you have. Letting go of clutter helps us moving forward.

Check out what pictures you have hanging, do they uplift you and what are they symbolising? If you wish to bring in new energy to your home, I would recommend pictures that symbolise new beginnings such as sunrises, spring flowers and trees.

In Feng Shui, it is important to help activate positive energy by having house plants. Good examples are Money Plants or Peace Lilly’s. Choose soft leafed plants and not spiky plants such as Cactus.

Take a look at your bookcases, are they full to the brim? By leaving some spaces, you are allowing new opportunities to come in.

Make sure your entrance is inviting, good lighting, uplifting artwork and mirrors can open up space. Don’t have mirrors that are opposite the front door as energetically, the energy is being bounced out of the entrance.

Make a ‘wish list’ of all the things you want to bring in, fold it up and bury into a plant pot. When you water it, you are placing your intentions on your wish list.

If you are having sleep issues, make sure that you don’t have mirrors opposite the bed as this is yang energy and can be too active. Cover them to see if it helps. 

Keep your electrical items to a minimum, if at all, so no electric blankets or mobiles charging! Turning off the Wifi at night will also help. Geopathic Stress can affect our sleep, please check out my link, I am happy to take a quick look at your floor plan to ensure you are sleeping in a healthy space. Click here for more information on Geopathic Stress.

The energy of the metal rat is productivity so we can get very busy!  It is important to keep yourself in balance by relaxing, following a healthy diet and taking time out for creativity and fun. 

For more information about Susie, her workshops and events visit Susie here 

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