National Lipstick Day

National Lipstick Day

Women Talking celebrate National Lipstick Day on 29 July 2021 with expert advice from Colour Me beautiful.

It is probably fair to say that our relationship with lipstick has been tested over the last year or so. Our enforced stay-at-home orders, along with pesky mask wearing, has meant that a slick of lip cover was neither needed nor wanted. But enforced separation didn’t last long; as we turned to Zoom for work meetings, social interaction and even vet appointments, we reached for our lipstick once more. 

Lipstick is the most impactful item of make-up in our cosmetic bag and can take you from drab to fab in an instant. Find your best shade and you will look vibrant, healthy and dare we say, younger. 

It’s National Lipstick Day on 29th July and we have turned to image consultant experts, colour me beautiful to help us choose the perfect shades.

If you are blessed with naturally blonde hair and light eyes like Reece Witherspoon, you will probably already know that strong, dark colours are overpowering. Instead try pale, soft pinks and nudes. You could also try a sheer lipstick which has the effect of diluting the overall colour.

Conversely, if you have dark brown or black hair and dark eyes, you will look fabulous in deep, bold colours. Michelle Obama and Sandra Bullock both have dramatic looks and suit strong colours. Mahogany and deep reds are perfect.

With her red hair and golden skin tone, Stacey Dooley’s overall look is warm and rich. Cooler candy pinks will not sit right against her skin and hair so if this is you, opt for richer copper and coral shades. 

As we age, our hair loses pigmentation resulting in grey and ash tones. Skin can also develop pink undertones and black skin may have a slight blue tinge. Jamie Lee Curtis looks particularly striking with her steely grey hair and the cooler shades of cerise and mauve will balance her strong look.

If you have dark hair and strikingly bright eyes, your look is also very strong. Sophie Ellis-Bextor has a fresh and clear look and to complement this, a bright lip colour such as strawberry will always look stunning.

On the other hand, Kate Winslet has a much more blended look, with very little difference between her hair, eye, and skin colour. If this is you, try nude shades or a colour that is one or two shades deeper than your lips.

For more information regarding colour me beautiful or to use the colour me beautiful system to help select your best lipstick visit here.

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