Mothering Sunday Planning

Mothering Sunday Planning

Sadly, I suspect that the Coronavirus, and fears of it, will preclude many folk taking their mothers out to local pubs and restaurants this year for Mothering Sunday. So this week I’m looking at gifts you can give or send to your mama, or enjoy while entertaining her at home.

You could treat her to some really special tea; Jing Tea has a lovely new shop in St Christopher’s Place in London that I visited recently.  The matcha is really good if she is a matcha fan, but it’s pricey at £25 a small tin (but she’s worth it!).   Maybe send a gift box of tea and rose with their set of Keemun Gong Fu black tea and Noble Isle rose hand wash, infused with extracts of Keemun tea leaves. The hand wash will be particularly welcome at the moment, and the tea is really special too. £28 plus delivery.

Carluccio’s has a range of delicious Italian treats, including the Bacci de Dama (or Lady’s Kisses), lovely hazelnut biscuits sandwiched together by a chocolate filling.  From £4.50, or you could try the Amaretti Tradizionali (on sale at the moment for £5.37). Available in-store or mail order.

If she’s partial to gin, then how about giving her a nice bottle of ‘mother’s ruin’? Always one to enjoy a G&T, I tried a particularly nice Italian number the other day – Villa Ascenti.  Made with signature ingredients, distillates and botanicals from the hills of Piemonte, this new Italian gin comprises six ingredients sourced there: mint, thyme, Moscato grapes, achillea, tansy and sage giving it a herbal flavour profile. Ocado at £35 for 70 cl.  Try serving with a sprig of fresh thyme.

Another lovely gin is HYKE.  Available from Tesco (£24 for 50 cl), it’s made using skins from the 713 tonnes of fresh table grapes unsuitable for fresh consumption each year – reducing food waste. A sister product to sustainably produced Foxhole Gin, which uses by-products from English wine harvests, HYKE is flavoured with botanicals inspired by imported grapes’ foreign origins including juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, liquorice, aniseed, cumin, rooibos, myrrh, lemon zest, bay, nigella, green and black cardamom. The taste is citrus, then spice and complex aromatics. 

Another gift that will be most welcome (and particularly good as it needs to be shared!) is this Conte Priuli Oro Magnum, £18 at M&S. This is M&S’s best-selling Conte Priuli Oro Prosecco in a new larger bottle. Double the bubbles and good for showing her she is gold standard!

Conte Priuli Ora Prosecco Doc Brut

If you plan to stay at home, you might like to check out the meal deals at the various supermarkets.  I’m not sure if M&S is doing one this year, but its new Gastropub range has recently been revamped with 16 new dishes added and many existing ones upgraded. Apparently Gastropub is M&S Food’s most popular range and with dishes including Moules Marinieres, 8 Hour Slow Cooked Beef Shin and Sticky Toffee Pudding, I’m not surprised. 

Moules Marinieres

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