Porcupine Rocks is an African interiors studio selling an inspirational collection of handmade objects for the home including baskets, ceramics, cushions and furniture alongside some beautiful fabrics. Designer/owner Paula Goodburn is passionate about working with artists in South Africa who have a creative, open mind and who are keen to help others. One such company is Moonbasket who work with women of the Khaylitsha township to create a range of crocheted hemp bowls.

The Moonbasket company and their connection with the local community.

Moonbasket was set up by Dani le Roy (an artist and designer) and Laura Summers (an artist and crochet artisan) to make luxurious crochet objects which sit comfortably in contemporary settings while maintaining the rich tradition of this versatile craft. Woven through the objective of Moonbasket is the intention to help support some of the less privileged women of Cape Town.  

Laura and Dani create the designs and supply the wool to the women of the Khayalitsha township who, in their own time crochet the distinctive designs.  The flat shapes are returned  – often on foot or on the back of motorbikes – to Moonbasket where they are dipped in resin, placed over a mould and hardened to create the decorative featherweight bowls.  The work helps women to earn money and have a better life.

The baskets come in 3 different designs and in a variety of sizes and colours.

For more information visit the website here.

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