Mid-Spring: Our favourite midi dress choices for the season

Mid-Spring: Our favourite midi dress choices for the season

Mid-Spring: Our favourite midi dress choices for the season – If you’re spotting the blossom falling from the branches of yellow daffodils growing in the garden, spring is well and truly here. As the season of colour and life, spring is all about fresh starts. So – what better time to give your wardrobe a refresh? Picking the right colours for a classic spring midi dress takes a bit of thought, so here are Chi Chi London’s favourite midi dress colours for springtime.

Bright green midi dress

What better way to embrace spring than with a gorgeous natural green midi dress? With the days getting sunnier and brighter, greens should always be at the top of your wardrobe when picking the right midi dress. A floating green floral midi dress is the perfect way to announce yourself on that first sunny day of spring. Looking for something a bit deeper? Darker greens are great for mixing and matching and can be paired up with lighter colours elsewhere. Satin textures look super gorgeous when worn on those sunnier days. Whoever midi style you decide to go with, you can’t go wrong with a bright, natural green.

Pure white midi dress

If you’re looking for a pure, neutral colour for sunny days on those big occasions, you won’t find a more suitable shade than a beautiful pure white. Neutral tones such as white can be easily matched with a huge variety of accessories, including classic spring hats and chic hair clips. It’s also easy to brighten things up with a colourful jacket when the spring showers start to come down. Your white spring midi dress doesn’t have to be devoid of patterns either – polka dot designs work perfectly with a white tone and add something a little different to your look. White is ideal for all seasons, but it suits spring down to the ground.

Pink midi dress

Celebrate the flowers and colours starting to pop up by adding some pretty pink shades to your spring wardrobe. Pink isn’t only a bright, fun colour to enjoy during spring, it also works perfectly with chic floral patterns. Whether it’s white daisy designs or yellow daffodil styles, pink and floral patterns go together perfectly. Want to be extra bright? Add a striking red tone to your look with a chic jacket. Pink is also ideal for a variety of events and occasions. From casual looks to formal dresses, a pink midi dress is a perfect choice for every date.

Deep blue midi dress

Looking for something a little deeper? A deep blue hue suits those trips down to the beach perfectly. It’s also a great way to diversify your colour palette, in contrast to the obvious bright colours. A gorgeous blue will keep some colour in your look while offering up something slightly darker. As always, a floating midi style suits both spring and blue flawlessly, reflecting those dreamy clear sky days. Want to make things a bit more interesting? Lace details are a must when paired with your blue midi dress.

With the days getting warmer and summer on the horizon, giving your wardrobe a spruce up with some gorgeous colours is the ideal way to line up with spring. Get your creative juices flowing, mess about with some colours and find the perfect look for the season.

Poppy Watt

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