Mechanics Gravity Loops & Turns

Mechanics Gravity Loops & Turns

Mechanics Gravity Loops & Turns – There are many ways to stretch a child’s imagination and development through play. This can be outdoor, physical, dramatic, pretend play as well as incorporating technology and the inclusion of classic traditional toys such as building blocks or shape sorting kits.

For all-around physical and mental development children need a bit of everything. Women Talking has realised that when it comes to mechanical and construction toys, there is a lot you can take advantage of. The skill and imagination involved in building things prove that there is more benefit than just pure enjoyment for children when it comes to assembling their creations. It is a powerful form of learning; it aids a child’s growth and development and can change the way they can think. It can offer the most open-end opportunities for children to design and create imaginative structures. Using abstract, modular forms. Construction toys allow children freedom and encourage them to think independently and make decisions based on what they are learning. 

Women Talking looks at the Geomag Mechanics Gravity Loops & Turns an easy combination system to build a magnetic circuit and run a selection of spheres. In the process, you will unfold a thrilling experience of excitement and wonder as you harness the invisible forces of magnetism and gravity through original and surprising means. Construction has never been so much fun!

Suitable for children aged 8 upwards the play experience is based on these fundamental principles of physics. Mechanics Gravity is a STEM product that can truly stimulate curiosity and inspire to learn more about science.

Developed with expert players in mind, the new construction system is based on an innovative “gravity motor”: this uses the weight of the Geomag spheres to kickstart the mechanisms and movements of the Geomag Mechanics structures.

The motion is provided by the invisible forces of Gravity and Magnetism, without using electricity or batteries.

Mechanics Gravity Loops & Turns

Key Features:

•          Mechanical and magnetic construction system

•          A STEM product that can stimulate scientific learning

•          Winners of numerous awards.

•          Suitable for children aged 8 + to develop their imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction

•          The 130 plastic mechanical elements are at the heart of the Gravity system

•          Made using recycled plastic

Here’s just a few things we can all thank construction play for: 


Everyone at some stage in their life is challenged to think creatively, often, at unexpected moments. By helping a child to think creatively in the early years, it helps the brain to look beyond a one-directional way of thinking. If children understand the importance of thinking different when undertaking a task, they will always use this skill in later life. 

Problem Solving 

Through constructive play, a child will learn what will work and what will not. Trial-and-error is a great method in which to create structures and modify methods. Overcoming problems to build structures in a particular way will always aid creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Spatial Skills

Construction toys provide an understanding of how pieces fit together and encourage comprehension of differing directions, shapes, and space.

Gross and Fine Motor Skills 

As a child walks or stretches to build their construction piece, they strengthen their gross motor skills. Developing small muscles in hands and fingers will help to hone fine motor skills and therefore make the body completer and more developed.

Communication and Co-operative Play

Construction play helps children to cooperate with each other to complete tasks. This could be something as simple as passing each other bricks or passing buckets to each other. This interaction will strengthen their social skills and become better team players. 

Hand-Eye coordination 

Children use hand-eye coordination whenever they build or construct. A child’s eyes send visual information to the brain to tell it where the hand is placed and if it is legible. With this information, the brain generates instructions for how the hand must move to create appropriate shapes. 

Academic Preparation

Whilst playing children are unwittingly preparing themselves for lessons to be learned later in their academic career.  Construction toys are wonderful precursors for mathematical and scientific concepts.

For more information about Geomag visit here

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