Managing The Challenge Of Hair Upkeep During Covid-19

Managing The Challenge Of Hair Upkeep During COVID-19

Managing The Challenge Of Hair Upkeep During COVID-19 – Stay calm ladies and gents. It’s amazing what we are capable of when we have to. Just be wise the way you go about your hair upkeep. A hairdresser has 4 years of training to get to know how to cut and apply colour so do just the necessary and wait for them to do the rest once their salon doors are open. These tips will guide you until then.

Colour touch up 

Don’t panic when you start to see root regrowth and realization sets in salons are closed. 

Do not under any conditions buy box colour as 9 times out of 10 you will get it wrong. Correcting a box dye will often take more than one salon appointment and could end up very expensive.

Contact your hairdresser

Quite a few salons are offering home drop off colour touch up kits for their customers with instructions on how to use them. This way you will receive your perfect colour match.  I’d suggest just touch up what is most visible, which would be the hairline along the part line and around the hair’s outer circumference, do not forget the crown area a place you never see but a big tell-tale area to everyone else in your home as when you sleep the crown often flattens out and divulges a thousand sins. So work the colour in 2-inch circular sections around the crown, be sure you have a back mirror to help guide you. Leave all the rest for your hairdresser to address once their doors are open again.


If you have my first suggestion would be to transform them into curtain bangs (Bridgette Bardot like) with a soft centre part or try a side sweep. If you really can’t support the length then gently ease off some length starting from the middle section moving to the outer edges, holding scissors vertically will avoid sharp blunt edges. Best for this is as an amateur is a manicure scissor.

If none of this is appealing, use a headband and just be fringe free until the salon doors are open!

Do invest in good home care

Nurture yourself with a Spa moment. Select a high-performance hair mask and smother it on both hair and scalp. The Iles Formula Spa Pack has an infusion of vitamins alongside a cocktail of raw virgin ingredients in the mask, for this stay at home period, it is an excellent choice as you also profit with their award-winning shampoo and conditioner. 

Managing The Challenge Of Hair Upkeep During Covid-19
Iles Formula Spa Pack

Let your curls be free

If you have a natural curl and you are used to weekly blowouts why not use this moment to discover how to work with your natural curl. No harm done as no-one much is watching. First is to understand curl and know how to coax it into its natural glory.  Keep in mind, if it has been a while since you have worn your hair curly, it may take some time before the curls “work” well for you.   Just have patience, follows these tips and techniques every time you wash, and before long your curls will bounce back to normal.  Always remember though, thirsty curls will never perform to their highest potential.  Keep your curls always hydrated for best results. Here is your first bout of reading with all the pro tips on curls.  

Men and beards 

I’ve seen on social media men that have wondered what they would like these days after wearing for years a trimmed beard. Now is your chance, off with the beard and see if the person underneath pleases you… no stress if not, you have a week at home to get your shadow back.

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