Making your mark in the world of print

Making your mark in the world of print  – There is nothing more frustrating than having a great business idea, but not the knowledge on how to take it to the next level. Nearly half a million new businesses start-up in the UK each year, many of which are operating successfully and profitably. So, there is no reason this couldn’t be you. 

If you have a creative eye, love design and looking for a new business concept Women Talking may have found a simple way to create and sell your unique custom designs on your very own online store. Without the potential sweat and heartache, this can be an easy process with unique end results. 

Printful is a white label online drop shipping print service. You choose an item from their website you would like to bespoke with your own design. This can be from the clothing line, sweatshirts, hats, t-shirts, a choice of usable accessories like phone covers and tote bags or even home and living items, towels, cushions, canvases, etc.  The choice is quite vast giving you the option to choose a single line to work with or a complete range.

Once you have made your choice, chosen your desired design, log in to their website and send. They take care of the printing and shipping to your customers who can potentially be based anywhere in the world. 

The advantage of using the Printfil service is that you become your own boss with low risk and without investing money in expensive printing equipment, storage or inventory. Instead, you can focus on designing and selling your finished designs, turning your creative passion into profit.

For any new business you may be hoping to achieve, it is always advisable to invest some time in forward planning, as this is essential for a successful new venture.

Understand your business idea. The Printful website has a whole host of information to guide you through your design process, taking into account the fabric, thread colours, volume and images to help you sell your designs.

Understand what commitments running your business will involve. Do you have a young family to consider? Will you run your business full time or part-time alongside another job? Will it be a solo venture or one including others?

Create a detailed plan for your business, including how it will generate money. How many customers you’ll need to make the business viable, how much you need to charge, and how much the business will grow.

Understand your target market– researching your potential customers and competitors are vital. The results of your research will shape your business structure, resources, customer demographics, and pricing.

Once you have decided upon your business concept, now choose a fabulous, memorable business name and register it. Good luck!

Poppy Watt

Welcome to Women Talking.

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