Makeup BLVD Mattitude Lip Liquid

Makeup BLVD Mattitude Lip Liquid

Makeup BLVD Mattitude Lip Liquid – Millennium Milli looks at the latest ‘must-haves’ from Beauty Boulevard Ltd.

Founded in Lincoln, England in 2013 by Paula Short and Rachel de Caux Beauty Boulevard Ltd. is a British cosmetics company. 

Their main product lines are colour cosmetics and skin and body care products. They are also most popularly known for Glitter Lips, a new innovative product that is considered as a true revolution in lip colour!

What is it?

For those of you who like the boldest of lips, Mattitude lip liquid delivers long-lasting, powerful colour that glides on for a super smooth finish.

The Mattitude Lip Liquds are available in 12 uniquely bold shades combined with a creamy to matte formula and vivid pigments. 

Beauty BLVD also describes their new lip liquids as non-drying and non-sticky. I had the chance to review 2 of their shades: Secret Passage (a deep sultry red with a dash of pink) and Tansy (a beautiful bright coral tone that looks stunning on dark and fair skin tones) both of which looked fabulous in situ. 

Presentation – The packaging is undeniably unique. It isn’t the typical lipstick box you would usually expect to see, as the outer packaging has the shape of the lip colour that corresponds to the product inside. However, what I did notice when applying these lip liquids is that the colour that you see on your lips after applying isn’t a true match to the colour advertised on the box. The packaging shows a much darker colour, so I would definitely recommend swatching these colours beforehand. 

The lip liquid product itself is presented in a standard tube with a doe foot wand application, the high pigmentation and easy-to-use applicator means that a lip liner isn’t really necessary which is great for on the go and when you want to just chuck a reliable lip product in your bag!

The lipsticks do glide on smoothly and feel very lightweight and comfortable on the lips, they also dry very quickly which has its advantages of being time effective as well as some disadvantages as it proves to be quite tricky to fix mistakes. Whilst wearing these lip products throughout the day, I noticed that the longevity is very good and supports their claim of “lasting all day”.

Benefits – Mattitude does not dry out, bleed into fine lines, transfer and is suitable for Vegans.

Mattitude also adds drama through high pigmentation, lasts all day and applies super smoothly.

How to use – Apply lip balm a few minutes before Mattitude application. Pat off excess oils with a tissue. Apply Mattitude directly to the lips with the specially designed doe-foot applicator. Remove with an oil-based cleanser.

My star rating: ★★★

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