Love Will Find You

Love Will Find You

Love Will Find You – Kathryn Alice, author of evergreen bestseller Love Will Find You, who has helped thousands of singles find love, has released her seminal work, Love Will Find You on audio, so not only do you have the option of reading it at home, you can also enjoy her audio version on the go. 

Before reading this book, as perhaps like many, I was rather sceptical. However, being a true believer in fate, this has been a real soul searching, eye and mind-opening read, which I would highly recommend. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, not only as it offered some personal downtime, but perhaps a slightly different outlook on relationships now and for the future.

Love Will Find You

Kathryn, a well-known California based love guru who has helped thousands of people all over the world find love. Through the success of her books that her readers (many of whom had given up on love) she knows that nothing can keep you from finding your soulmate when you have the right mindset and the right tools at your fingertips.

Kathryn tells you how to activate what she calls her 9 Love Magnets to help you get rid of the blocks that are holding you back from being with your beloved. By following the 9 Love Magnets, you can declutter your heart by discarding your old notions of dating and learn practical steps to the get the love you desire and deserve.

The audiobook takes you step by step through each “love magnet” to help you release restrictive beliefs that we hold about ourselves, and Kathryn shows us how to send a “soul call” and open our hearts to love and effortlessly magnetise our true love. 

Listening to audiobooks is known to help people absorb information in a different way and can help bypass stubborn subconscious beliefs and help us shift the way we look at things.  In the audiobook, Kathryn will help you let go of past “crazy love” relationships that you just can’t seem to move past, help you declutter your heart and release old loves that you still think about and show you how to move on and welcome love into your life.

“I know that people often hold misguidedly believe that they have fatal flaws that are stopping them from meeting their beloved. These beliefs are the blocks, the flaws are all in their minds, and they are the only thing stopping love turning up in their life – even if you can’t go out at the moment or hate going out. 

“Once people understand that they are never too old, too fat, too poor or any other negatives thoughts that are blocking love, and realise that they don’t have to go on endless (virtual) dates or keep aimlessly swiping to find love, they’ll start to clear a path for true love to find them”, says Kathryn.

Kathryn's Wall Of Weddings
Kathryn’s Wall Of Weddings

By following Kathryn’s work love really will find you.  There are no special tricks or tools on advice on how to manipulate the other person, no special words or scripts to follow.  This work is powerful stuff and you can improve the impact of her work by reading along while listening to the audiobook to reinforce the messaging.  

Kathryn firmly believes that once you have released your outdated and unhelpful thought processes that your soulmate will be on their way, and she’s got a wall of wedding pictures of couples who have met after doing her work, to prove it, that can tell you everything you need to know about you and your forever partner from finding each other.

Love Will Find You – the evergreen bestseller, and Kathryn’s other books are available from Amazon and available on audiobook from Amazon, Apple and Audible.

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