London Dry Gin The King of Soho

London Dry Gin The King of Soho

London Dry Gin The King of Soho – Celebrate the spirit of London’s cocktail capital with The King of Soho London Dry Gin. Launched by Howard Raymond and Alexandra Robson, the brand was created as a tribute to Howard’s legendary father, Paul Raymond, the impresario, and property mogul affectionately called ‘The King of Soho’ due to his role in revolutionising the district.

Encapsulating the rich creativity and unique lifestyle of the effervescent London district, The King of Soho delicately combines citrusy grapefruit with classic juniper to create a perfectly balanced embodiment of the Soho spirit. 

The bottle itself represents both the past and present of Soho life.  The icon’s velvet tailoring reflects the hedonistic fashion of the area, whilst the fox’s tail signifies Soho’s status as a former royal hunting ground and, more recently, the fox’s reputation as a mischievous creature of the night embodying the smart, naughty, and enigmatic nature of urban Soho. The inimitable bottle also tips its hat to Soho’s rich jazz history and area’s long association with creative industries and media with the addition of the trumpet and book. 

Howard Raymond, co-founder and son of the late Paul Raymond, who inherited his father’s passion for Soho comments, “The beautiful design of the bottle embodies Soho. It’s a place that has always remained true to the generations who shaped it; a place where anything goes.”

London Dry Gin The King of Soho

Distilled in the heart of London, using traditional methods, The King of Soho mirrors Raymond’s dictum of challenging the establishment. This refined London Dry Gin defies the ordinary with its combination of 12 botanicals to create a premium quality gin that is both smooth and complex. With a delicate sweetness, earthiness and a hint of grapefruit bitterness, The King of Soho gives a soft warming spice on the palate, balanced by soft juniper and the strength of the citrus.

The King of Soho is ideal in cocktails where the spirit is King or served neat over ice.  

With the warmer weather on our side now, here is a super recipe for some summertime sipping.

The Royal Serve

An urban twist on an exotic classic, The King of Soho’s ‘Soho Sling’ combines their eponymous London Dry Gin with pressed apple, Ginger Beer and lime juice to create an iconic cocktail with an urban twist.  

Soho Sling 

50ml King of Soho Gin

15ml Lime Juice

35ml Pressed Apple Juice

50ml Ginger Beer

Build in a tall glass filled with cubed ice

Garnish with a slice of apple

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