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Organic show attracted over 8000 people. Marketed as the ‘must attend’ business event for the entire natural products, health food and organic sectors, the shows 500 plus exhibitors were joined by thousands of trade buyers from all around the world.

Ninety percent of UK households buy organic products in one form or another. Sales of organic cotton for example have increased by 40% sending UK sales of organic clothing and textiles to £100 million and sales of organic health and beauty products have increased by 60% to £27 million.

During the course of my visit to Olympia there were many products that caught my attention and I was pleased to discover many were companies launched by women with incredible stories behind their products.

In November 2008, publisher, Henrietta Morrison, left the media world behind to embark on building her own company. Lily’s Kitchen is Britain’s first and only pet food company to use certified organic and holistic ingredients. It has been named ‘Best Pet Food Company in the UK 2010’ by the Ethical Good Shopper Guide.” We use the best organic ingredients available, then make our organic pet food in small batches to keep all the nutrition locked in” quotes Henrietta. Our pet food is made from human-grade ingredients, with an assortment of carefully selected herbal ingredients. It is estimated that 31 per cent of households have cats or dogs, so there is a huge market for quality pet food.

Magda Hajduk was happy to introduce me to their top seller in the Pat & Rub range. Lemon grass hand balm– instant hand therapy. It renews, moisturisers, softens, brightens, soothes and elasticises the skin and strengthens nails – what more could you ask for from a product? And I must say I am now totally addicted. Magda’s objective was to create the best eco cosmetics in the Polish market, without compromise, without any parabens, preservatives, artificial flavours and no petroleum derivatives. Well she has certainly succeeded.

Fen & Carr launched their natural peat therapy products. This range uses natural bog peat fragranced with essential oils and is completely organic. Natural peat has many healing properties and it works in 3 ways – internally to relieve muscle and tissue pain, externally to treat skin complaints, and also mentally to relax and rebalance the mind.

Bubble & Balm launched the world’s first natural liquid soaps carrying the Fairtrade Mark. Offering everyday luxury, the range includes a natural yet MRSA and E-Coli effective anti-bacterial formulation. Founder Sue Acton decided to set up Bubble&Balm last year, merging her passions for running her own business and her belief in a better world.  “In the early days I was making small batches of products at home and now we are making thousands of units per run. Quite a career change from my previous 10 years working in the corporate world of banking”.

Susi Lennox and Sarah Brookes are pharmaceutical consultants who set out to ‘change the world from the inside ’by creating the world’s only certified organic lubricant range. In 2006, after three and a half years of research and product development, they launched the ultimate product for the most intimate area.  ‘Yes pure intimacy’. Following the huge success of their lubricant the ladies are now happy to introduce ‘Yes Baby’ a self-managing fertility friendly lubricant system for couples trying to conceive. And is yet another world first product to be launched by yes pure intimacy. This patented two part system is unique in firstly creating the optimal environment for sperm, and then restoring the vaginal environment to its typical protective PH after ovulation.

The UK’s first all natural gum containing no artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives and no aspartame was launched by Peppersmith. Two friends Mike and Dan formed the company in 2009. The gum is made with fine Black Mitchum Peppermint, home grown on a farm in Hampshire. Peppersmith gum has also been accredited by the British Dental Health Foundation, this is because it is sweetened with wood sugar otherwise know as xylitol;proven to reduce plaque and the risk of tooth decay. We all associate gum with litter and peppersmith urge everyone that chews gum to put it in the bin when they have finished. They even provide little papers with each pack so you have something to wrap your finished gum in – what a great idea!!

This is just an insight into a huge, vast expanding market of Natural and Organic products.

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Poppy Watt