10 Tips to Add Zing to Your Life


1. Clearing any clutter or even a small drawer to start with can make a huge difference to how you feel.

2. Remove any objects that do not lift your energy, fix anything broken.

3. Keep windows clean to bring in sparkling energy into your home.

4. Beware of electrical gadgets or cables too close to your bed and place an inspiring picture opposite the bed. Cover or remove mirrors that reflect the bed.

5. If you suspect you may be sleeping on Geopathic stress, try moving your bed or sleeping in a different place to see if your sleep patterns/ energy levels improve.

6. Waft a 'smudge stick' around the house with the intention of clearing any detrimental energies.

7. Light a candle after an argument.

8. Bring nature into your home with fresh flowers and round leafed plants.

9. Write a list of intentions for you and your family and 'plant' the piece of paper in a plant pot. Then every time that you water the plant you are nuturing and being reminded of your intentions.

10. Take time out to be 'still' or just 'be'