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Kiss The Hippo Coffee At Home

Kiss The Hippo Coffee At Home – Fresh coffee, sustainably sourced, and delivered to your door.

Independent, speciality coffee roaster, known for their innovative, sustainable approach to coffee Kiss the Hippo is delighted to announce the launch of its coffee subscription service, Kiss the Hippo Coffee at Home.

Each coffee is sustainably roasted in small batches in Kiss the Hippo’s Richmond site and rested for 48 hours before being dispatched in letterbox-friendly boxes. 

Kiss the Hippo ethically source coffee from quality-focused producers around the globe. It is then carefully roasted in-house using the most environmentally eco-friendly roaster, the Loring Smart Roaster, which is ideal for preserving the beans’ individual flavour identity and terroir transforming your cups of coffee into unique works of art. 

Being avid coffee drinkers at work and home and taking into account the recent trading restrictions for businesses the subscription service has been a well-used service.  Once you subscribe, just choose your favourite blend, convenient size, you have a choice of 250g or a 1kg bag and regularity of your home delivery.

By forfeiting a visit to my local shop, we have been brushing up on our coffee-making skills at home. With the expertise brewing guide from Tarlo, we are now brewing our top coffee favourites perfectly.

A Guide to Home Brewing

Head of Coffee Josh Tarlo says: ‘The French Press is the coffee brewer many of us grew up with and it’s a perfect entry into home brewing. With a little precision in your preparation, you can get a coffee that leaps better and tastes sweeter and more vibrant than you’ve ever had before.’

A French Press Coffee

Tools Needed:

French Press Kettle

Digital Scale Timer


Coffee Grinder

Step 1: Place the French Press on a scale, add 21g of freshly ground coffee and press tare

Step 2: Start the timer and add 300g of water just off the boil, taking care to saturate all the grounds

Perfect brew
Step 2

Step 3: After four minutes, vigorously stir for 5 seconds and place the plunger on top. Don’t press just yet, it’s there to seal in the heat.

Step 4: After two minutes, lift up the plunger and scoop out any grounds left on top to avoid bitterness. 

Step 5: Put the plunger back on and press 2/3 of the way down.

Step 5

Step 6: Serve immediately to stop the coffee from over-extracting.

Coffee Options:

Single Origin

An ever-changing selection of single-origin coffees that rotate depending on seasonality

George Street Blend

Organic certified seasonal espresso blend – fruit forward, chocolatey and sweet

Donna Blend

A classic, seasonal espresso featuring more traditional notes of dark chocolate and molasses

Dedicated to sustainability in everything they do, Kiss the Hippo actively supports the people at every link of their coffee chain; from the farmers who grow their coffee to the guests who enjoy the final cup. Their community-first approach is bolstered by their commitment to innovation and quality.

All products listed above are available to purchase online here. 

For the duration of May if you sign up for the subscription service, there are some fabulous gifts available:

With the 3-month subscription, your first bag of coffee is complimentary, with the 6-month subscription you will receive a complimentary first bag and an Everyday Ceramic Mug.

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