Kent & Stowe – Extraordinary Tools

Kent & Stowe – Extraordinary Tools

Kent & Stowe – Extraordinary Tools – Gardening is easier, faster, and more enjoyable if you have the right equipment. But rather than buy every gadget going, it is recommended that you invest in a few good quality basics.

The Kent & Stowe product range for 2021 has been designed to provide innovative solutions to the challenges gardeners face every day.

Essential garden equipment can be very subjective, as it depends on what sort of gardening you are looking to do. However, for general gardening, there is a selection of tools you should not be without.

Firstly, my suggestion would be a garden spade and fork, ideal for general digging and lifting plants and weeds.

To remove stones and other debris choose a sturdy rake and preferably with a wooden handle to stop your hands from sliding if they are wet. For collecting autumn leaves, moss, and grass clippings a lawn rake is recommended. This can be recognised with a fan of prongs to ensure you cover more of the lawn with each stroke.

Knee pads, secateurs, scissors, and string are also high on the list of essentials for maintaining your garden chores with ease.

Consumer research this year showed Kent & Stowe that people need more from their gardening tools. It also highlighted that the hand trowel is the most relied upon gardening companion, often used, and misused, for a variety of purposes. 

Westland took this insight to help create the new Kent & Stowe Capability Trowel, transforming the traditional trowel into a game-changing, innovative tool that fulfils a multitude of functions.

The trowel was named after Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, who worked under William Kent at Stowe House. Brown was nicknamed ‘Capability,’ as he believed everything in gardening had the capability to be improved. Brown’s ethos mirrors that of the Kent & Stowe brand, which delivers gardeners extraordinary tools to grow capability and make your gardening dreams a reality.

Kent & Stowe – Extraordinary Tools

Made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure the soil doesn’t stick to the blade, the Capability Trowel has been expertly designed to incorporate a serrated edge for weeding and opening compost bags, plus a pointed tip for tackling tough soils. The trowel also has a depth scale for easy planting as well as a strong hammer top for hammering in posts and stakes with ease.

Benefits include:

High-quality stainless-steel head

Excellent rust resistance and minimum soil adhesion

Handle made from beautiful FSC® certified ash wood. Contoured for a perfect comfortable grip

Serrated edge for weeding and opening compost bags

Pointed tip for tough soils

Accurate planting depth scale

Robust hammer to aid hammering in anything from vine eyes as well as posts

Ideal for potting, planting, weeding, and turning over soil

20-year guarantee

After the amazingly warm bank holiday weekend, The Capability Trowel has been a firm favourite for the keen gardeners of the family, it will certainly become a firm fixture in our tool shed.

For more information visit the Westland website here.

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