Jealousy - Questionnaire

Jealousy - Questionnaire

1.               Do you believe you are good enough for your partner/wife?

A.                 Absolutely.       

B.                 More or less.    

C.                 I’m not sure.     

D.                 No

2.              How much do you trust your partner/wife?

A.                 Implicitly.          

B.                 Quite well.        

C.                 I’m not sure.     

D.                 I don’t trust her at all.

3.              Do you think your partner/wife would leave you if someone better came along?

A.                 Not at all.         

B.                 Not likely.        

C.                 Perhaps.           

D.                 Yes.

4.              Do you believe your partner will remain faithful to you for the rest of your life?

A.                 Absolutely.       

B.                 I’d like to think so.        

C.                 I’m not sure.     

D.                 No.

5.              If you answer the phone and a male voice unknown to you responds, asking for your partner/wife by her first name, how do you think you would feel? 

A.                 Unconcerned.   

B.                 Concerned.      

C.                 Anxious.           

D.                 Angry

6.              If at a party you see an attractive man watching your partner/wife from the distance and then later, he asks her to dance, how would feel.

A.                 Unconcerned.   

B.                 Concerned.      

C.                 Anxious.           

D.                 Angry

7.              If you overhear your partner/wife talking to a girlfriend on the phone, confessing that she has had an intimate dream about a co-worker, what would you do?

A.                 Ignore it.           

B.                 Ask her who she was talking to when the conversation finishes.  

C.                 Become angry  

D.                 Accuse her of having an affair.   

8.              You see your partner/wife walking down the street with a man you don’t recognize as you are driving your car. What do you do?

A.                 Drive on by.     

B.                 Honk the horn and try to get her attention.  

C.                 Follow the couple, never revealing yourself.       

D.                 Confront her later at home.

9.               A rumour is going around that your partner/wife is having an affair and the gossip gets to you via a friend. How do you react?

A.                 You laugh it off.            

B.                 You decide to ask your partner about it once you have got home.

C.                 You confront your partner about it immediately that you can get hold of her.

D.                 You go off in a sulk and give her the silent treatment.

10.            Your wife is spending a great deal of time preparing herself for a girl’s night out. How do you react?

A.                 You don’t seem concerned.

B.                 You assume she wants to look her best for her friends.

C.                 You are concerned about whether she is really going on a girls only night out.

D.                 You ask her not to go because you do not trust her.

The scores should all be added up as follows:    A – 1   B – 2   C – 3   D – 4


You are a little too relaxed in your approach to your relationship. You should never become complacent or give the impression that you are taking your partner for granted. Try to take a little more notice of what’s going on before you do have reason to be jealous!


You have a fairly balanced approach to your relationship in general and do not suffer unnecessary feelings of jealousy. You may get the odd pangs of anxiety or self doubt but react sensibly and you are able to talk about concerns with your partner in a rational way.

26 -32

You have certain issues that you need to attend to because they could impact on a current or even future relationship. You could be keeping a great deal of anxiety inside and this may not be healthy because at some point it is going to need an outlet. 


You have a great deal of anger, insecurity and a number of issues that need dealing with. You could be harming a present relationship with your demands on a partner. At the very least you should talk to someone before matters get out of hand.