It's in the mix

It’s in the Mix

It’s in the MIx

When shopping in a supermarket, have you ever thought of the manufacturing process of your everyday favourites you fill your basket with?

Having been involved with the extraction of honey from the hive to the jar, which was pretty straightforward it gave me time to consider the complexity of other food processes and what it involves.

Naturally, there is the gathering of the raw ingredients, vegetables and fruits like the honey you have your end product immediately but then there are the more complex processes involved with the making of flour, cereals and sugar for example. Years ago, these processes were done by hand, nowadays machinery has taken the place of manpower allowing us to create a higher volume and quantity of the ingredients. For some food ingredients, it’s in the mix that is very often key to obtaining a quality product.

It’s in the MIx
Manufacturing has changed over the years

For a manufacturer, choosing the correct equipment and tools for the job is paramount for its efficiency.

SOFRADEN is an equipment supplier who has been manufacturing high-performance mixers since 1991. They can be used either for mixing powders or granules to liquids and pastry products. They have acquired in-depth expertise in a wide range of industrial applications such as speciality chemicals, building materials, cosmetics and the food industry.

Their extremely high standards guarantee state-of-the-art performance and reliability. Flexibility is one of the core assets of their mixers which can handle a variety of materials presenting different properties.

Intensive industrial Blades Mixer – These mixers are intended for the mixing of dry powders and granules, ideal for various types of flour and ingredients for the food industry.

For homogenization operations such as mixing aromatic herbs, for example, a rotary drum mixer is used with very low rotation speeds to ensure the products are not overheated and are preserve their properties.

Ribbon Mixer –these undertake high quality mixing at slow speeds and work well for fragile and delicate ingredients like sugar and cereal.

It’s in the MIx
Ribbon Mixer

The entire range of standard mixers can be tailored to your own needs and requirements, they even have atex mixer for industrial use where mixers can be designed to perform operations in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Perhaps spending an unusual amount of time at home recently has put life and what we take for granted into perspective. Analysing what we have and how we obtained it is clearly a new learning curve for me!

Poppy Watt

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