Image Skincare introduce I Mask

Image Skincare introduce I Mask

Image Skincare introduce I Mask

Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask, £9

Sheet masks are the hottest product of the moment, and the I Mask is the quick-fix luxury item to have in your beauty drawer, the ultimate on-the-go mask making it a travel essential.

Long haul flights and holidays can lead to dehydrated and sun parched skin, what better way to revive your skins radiance with this hydrating sheet mask, which is suitable for all skin types.

How does it work?

The hydrogel sheet mask infuses skin with a unique fusion of volcanic water, brightening botanicals, peptides and antioxidants for the ultimate youthful appearance and radiance.

What makes it different?

Like a second skin, the patented technology forms a 3-dimenional network gel structure, allowing the mask to breathe and trap moisture, helping activate ingredients to penetrate deeper in to the skin.

Derived from red algae and carob tree, this revolutionary soothing hydrogel mask was developed to increase delivery of active ingredients to lift, brighten and deeply hydrate skin after a single application.

What are the ingredients?

Volcanic magma water is rich in natural minerals and high in oxygen levels that support defense mechanisms in the skin. Jeju volcanic oxygen water supports cell respiration and improves skin elasticity, hydration and ensures optimal cell health. The water is naturally mineral charged for moisturising and detoxifying effects, Amino acids are the building block of protein and are essential nutrients with restorative benefits to fight against ageing skin. Beta-Glucan, a natural compound from plants, help maintain a youthful appearance.

Biomolecular mask tests show a 40% increase in moisture in skin 30 minutes after removal of the sheet mask. So, what are you waiting for… holidays, flights or just in need of a little extra TLC, this is the sheet mask to reach for.

How to apply

  1. Cleanse the complexion prior to use.
  2. Remove mask from the foil packet.
  3. Unfold, draping the mask gel – side down over the skin.
  4. Hold the upper part of the mask and remove the covering fabric slowly, leaving the mask in place.
  5. Position the hydrogen mask evenly by smoothing out air bubbles with fingers.
  6. Now relax for up to 25 minutes until absorbed into the skin, then remove and discard.
  7. Gently massage the remaining essence into the skin.
  8. Use 2-3 times per week.

Having tried the product for myself I can clarify, not only was the mask a soothing experience for my skin the instant results promoted a brighter, smoother, radiant skin appearance.

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Poppy Watt

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