Image Skincare. Age Later.

Image Skincare. Age Later.

We are continually being reminded of the benefits of using a sunscreen. However, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, in a 2013 study, only about 14% of men and 30% of women reported they regularly use sunscreen on both their face and other parts of exposed skin.

Hopefully, with continual reminders and education about safety in the sunshine, these figures will certainly increase.

Here are 3 key benefits of using a sunscreen:

1. Sunscreen protects every skin type. 

Regardless of your skin tone you still need protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. Whether you have a darker complexion where the melanin in your skin offers some natural protection from sunburn or fair skin we are all at risk of the skin burning.

Using sunscreen products decreases the chances for sunburn and can help prevent skin cancer or malignant melanoma.

2. Sun damage ages your skin.

Dermatologists with the Skin Cancer Foundation have suggested that an estimated 90% of visible ageing comes from the hours you have spent in the sunshine rather than your age. Wearing sunscreen daily saves your skin from years of visible damage later in life.

3. The sun is strong even when it’s not sunny out!

Many people think they don’t need sunscreen on overcast days or for brief stints in the sun, but for the ultraviolet rays that damage your skin, a little cloud cover means nothing. UV light penetrates clouds with ease, so you need protection even on cloudy days.

Wearing sunscreen each time you go outside isn’t the only thing you should do when it comes to protecting your body from the sun’s radiation.

Stay in the shade, especially during midday hours.

Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs.

Wear a hat with a wide brim.

Wear sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays.

Avoid indoor tanning.

Our friends at IMAGE Skincare have created an ultra-simple way to incorporate a powerful sunscreen formula into your daily skincare ritual.

Formulated by plastic surgeons and top pharmacists, their products are clinically proven, they use the latest science and technologies to ensure fast results and have the highest level of active ingredients.

I had the opportunity to try the PREVENTION+ daily ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50, which is recommended for all skin types.

This high-level sunscreen offers effective protection against damaging UV rays. It’s an ideal choice for sports, outdoor activities, and high sun exposure, yet gentle enough for post-procedure skin. It contains SPF 50 along with a blend of plant stem cells and potent antioxidants to protect skin against the effects of free radical damage caused by environmental exposure.

Apply to cleansed skin every morning as a daily moisturizer and for ultimate protection. Re-apply every 2 hours when exposed to the sun or as needed.

With regular use, not only will you decrease the risk of skin cancer and early skin ageing caused by the sun, you will have ultimate sun protection, hydrate your skin and plant-derived stem cell technology supports cell longevity. 

For more information visit here 

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