How You Can Best Choose the Proper Wristwatch for Your Needs

How You Can Best Choose the Proper Wristwatch for Your Needs

How You Can Best Choose the Proper Wristwatch for Your Needs – Men’s wristwatches come in all kinds and styles, and whether it’s your first time purchasing one or you have been a watch collector for years, it’s essential that you make the right choice. It can be difficult, however, if you don’t know what to go for and what features and styles you prefer. Watch brands can be plentiful as well, which can make your choice even more challenging. But it’s all about knowing what you want and making sure that the watch you end up buying will be suitable for all your requirements. What should you look for in the perfect wristwatch? Here’s how you can best choose the proper wristwatch for your needs: your essential guide.

1. Go minimalist and classic 

First things first: although there may be many watch styles out there, you can never go wrong with going minimalist and classic. The classic style is always your best bet, especially if you are buying a wristwatch for the first time. There’s another reason why it’s better to go the classic route: you have more versatility with your wristwatch, and you can wear it for any occasion or event, and it will go well with whatever kind of outfit you may have. Burberry watches offer a great example of the minimalist, classic style, especially if you go for either a watch with a metal or leather strap which can go well with both day and evening wear.

2. Make sure you select the right size 

The proper size is also essential, and with this, you have to keep proportion in mind. Proportion makes a big difference as it will help you choose a watch which can complement both your style as well as the size of your wrist and hand. If you, for instance, are a big and tall man and you have a large wrist, it’s best to opt for a watch with a substantial or big face as well. If you opt for a watch with a small face, this could end up looking disproportionate to your wrist; it may also look like you are wearing a watch made for a woman! If you aren’t a big man and are small, then it’s best to choose a watch with a thin or small dial. In general, look for watches with a diameter ranging from 34 mm to 50 mm; beyond this isn’t recommended.

3. Think about the movement 

Although there are different kinds of movements for watches, there are essentially two basic types: quartz and mechanical. If you would like to figure out if a watch has a mechanical or quartz movement, all you have to do is see and observe the watch’s second hand. A mechanical watch will have a smooth and sweeping motion, whilst a quartz one will have a kind of ‘tick-tock’ movement which moves per second. But in the end, know that whether you decide to go for quartz or mechanical will be entirely according to your preference.

4. Consider what you can afford 

The thing is, there are many brands from which you can choose, from the most expensive, high-end brands to middle-of-the-road yet still reliable brands. Even if you have the budget for it, it would be better to get a wristwatch which is a good complement to your personality and lifestyle. There are men who consider watches an investment and would be willing to spend thousands of pounds to get one, but if you are simply looking for a good watch which gives you value for your money, spending about £200 to £500 can get you a brilliant watch which you can wear and enjoy for a long time.

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