How to stay on the bright side of life

How to Stay on the Bright side of Life

How to stay on the bright side of life no matter what is happening around – Shakuntali Siberia’s tips

When you are on the dark side in this life, it is sometimes very difficult to turn your thoughts to the sun. There are theoretically many things you can be cheerful for but what are they? It can be hard to acknowledge the peaks. Shakuntali Siberia will help you to the light at the end of the tunnel. 

If you are aware of Shakuntali Siberia, you are indeed a lucky person because you have so much magic ahead to learn about! 

Shakuntali Siberia is an Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, she is a temple priestess. She possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. The mission of Shakuntali Siberia is to help women all around the world to obtain their real selves, their natural Power and through it to make them happier and healthier. 

Shakuntali Siberia recommends the following steps to make your life attain colours again.

How to stay on the bright side of life
Shakuntali Siberia

1. What you have is your happiness and your lessons – be grateful for it. 

It may be hard to focus on what you have in life rather than grieving your losses.

Shakuntali Siberia advises some questions you can ask yourself. Do you have a place where you can come every evening? Do you have a person whom you can share your joys and sorrows? Do you have something to eat every day? We may not always have happy thoughts, but it is always better to focus on what you have rather than on what you don’t.

2. All things will pass.

No matter how hard this day was, always remember that there will be another tomorrow, another day and life in the full sense of this word. Shakuntali Siberia reminds us that there will be the next day or year and you will be the winner then. Concentrate on good things that are waiting for us in the future.

3. Donate your time to the people in difficult life situations.

The more we give the more energy we get in return. This is the cosmic law. Shakuntali Siberia encourages her students to spend some time at the shelter for the homeless even if all they can do is talking to these people. You will see the true value of things. These people, who lost everything, are mostly so optimistic that it will definitely inspire you to look at your life differently. Your temporary difficulties and losses may appear in a completely different light.

4. Don’t chase for more.

You may recall what gave you joy some years ago when you were a kid for example. It may be just walking in the forest with someone you cared for or reading a book, watching a film. Maybe it was a taste of a sandwich which your mother used to make especially for you. It is doubtful that you would recall expensive cars or houses. Although lovely, chasing for more expensive belongings should not be a priority. Shakuntali Siberia always reminds us that material things do not feed our soul, so it is always better to be glad for what you already have. 

5. Set your soul free from negativity

Shakuntali Siberia always stresses your energy to be one of the main powers for your wellbeing. When you head your energy to the hatred and negativity, it doesn’t let you see things as they are. Spending your time on negative emotions is a hindrance to living your life at its fullest. When you let go of all your negative emotions and forgive everybody, you will see how it would be easier and happier to live.

6. As we have said before, it is important to remember about better tomorrow – But that does not mean that you should forget about the present. Enjoy every little thing you are doing. Walking in the park, listening to your children’s laughter, talking to your loved ones – these are very important things that will never be the same again, even just tomorrow. Enjoy them, mark them in your heart, appreciate them. In the end, this will help you to appreciate your whole life. 

Shakuntali Siberia’s tips are plain and simple but following them will bring harmony and happiness into your life. More useful tips, practices and ancient knowledge that will help you in your everyday life you can find at the website.

Change your life for the better with Shakuntali Siberia! 

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