How to Promote Happiness

How to Promote Your Happiness

How to Promote Happiness

During the course of an average day, our moods may change from one extreme to another. This could be completely across the scale to include a multitude of feelings which may include joy, anger, sorrow, elation and thoughtfulness. Women Talking look at how to promote your happiness which is an important positive emotional state we should all try to incorporate into our daily lives for better wellbeing.

What is happiness?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of “happiness” is “The state of being happy.” And ‘happy’ is “Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.”

From this description, I personally feel that happiness does have a pretty important role in our lives, and it can also have a huge impact on the way we live our lives and those we choose to include in it. When we feel happy, we are generally satisfied with life, in a good mood, and have a feeling of positive emotions this consequently has a cheerful influence on others and encourages them to seek happiness as well, this is often shared with those close to us too, like your partner, work colleagues or friends.

If you are looking to share a journey for peaceful and loving humanity I suggest you visit the online community, whose mission is to cultivate a safe and supportive community and to share tools, practices and experiences that empower everyone to live happy and fulfilled lives.

There are many things that can contribute to happiness, this may be doing something you enjoy, spending time with loved ones, eating your favourite food or helping others. The benefits of volunteering can be hugely satisfying as many of us may have recently found with the COVID-19 pandemic. When many reached out to friends and neighbours to offer help, assistance and support where needed and found by doing so it has a positive return.

How to Promote Happiness
Good friendships promote happiness

What are the benefits of happiness?

Believe it or not, happiness promotes well-being and general all-round wellness, smiling and optimism eases pain, sadness, and grief offering us an easier path through life.

You may find happy people are more successful in the following:

Health – Happy people tend to get sick less often and when they do, they seem to experience fewer symptoms. This may correspond to them exercising more and eating a healthier diet, leading to a longer, healthier future.

Friendships – Being a happy person leads to more successful friendships, which in turn can lead to a better friend support system.

Generosity – Happy people are more helpful and more likely to volunteer or give to charity. This does give an encouraging feeling in return.

Creativity – Being productive and being creative is often brought about by happiness.

True happiness can be obtained by finding joy in what we already have, however much or little that may seem. Appreciate every moment and set yourself on a buoyant journey to happiness.

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