How To Look Healthier

How To Look Healthier

Your skin covers every inch of you and is the largest single organ of your body so you want to take care of it. From taking steps to help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, looking after your teeth, eating a balanced diet as well as taking care of your wellbeing will all add to your overall appearance and health.

Here are a few suggestions on keeping your health and appearance in tiptop condition.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

When pressures at work, family and home get too much, don’t let them overburden you or be afraid to ask for outside help. Unfortunately, stress can play havoc with our appearance. Professional counseling and advice from Regain can bring you practical advice, hopefully leading you to a calmer more understanding lifestyle which can reflect in a healthier-looking ‘you’.

Look after your teeth

Taking good care of your teeth can make a difference in your appearance. A lack of dental hygiene can result in a build-up of plaque, gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay. Keep on top of your oral health by brushing your teeth at least twice a day and use dental floss regularly to help get rid of leftover food stuck between your teeth and can prevent halitosis (bad breath) and gum disease.

Drink plenty of water

When it comes to maintaining the health of our body, water is essential. To regulate the shape of the cells in our bodies we have to drink water, if we don’t these cells begin to shrivel. Drinking water, as opposed to sugary beverages, helps to maintain our weight so much so that swapping a bottle of soda for a glass of water will save you up to 240 calories. However, drinking sweetened drinks are OK in moderation. Drinking just water or a few days can lead to unhealthy eating behaviours and drop in blood sugar, which can cause dizziness and experience a lack of coordination.

Protect your skin

Looking after your skin properly involves protecting your skin from the sun and keeping it moisturised. Keeping your skin protected and moisturised are just two factors to help maintain a healthy appearance.  Dried out skin cells constrict the skin and can cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear on your face, as well as over your body. Although moisturising won’t keep wrinkles at bay forever, it will help it maintain elasticity and make it look healthier.

When you’re exposed to the sun, your body becomes vulnerable to UV rays which can increase the risk of skin cancer. Using sun cream helps prevent your skin from looking tired quicker. Ideally, you should pick a sun scream that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays and has a rating of at least 30.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is undoubtedly one of the biggest links to premature ageing of the skin. The daily exposure of cigarette smoke restricts the blood vessels found in your skins outer layer which reduces the amount of blood and oxygen that can be supplied to it. Smoking also reduces elasticity since the amount of collagen and elastin your skin in available to decreases, making the skin appear leathery.

Eat a balanced diet

Not only do we need to eat a balanced diet to be able to maintain good health, but it also helps us feel our best. A balanced diet involves consuming a variety of foods and keeping an eye on your portions to help protect your body against a number of diseases including obesity and diabetes. The seven factors of a balanced diet include protein, to maintain and repair your body’s cells; carbohydrates, to release energy throughout the day; fats, to support cell growth and provide energy and vitamins and minerals which are essential for growth and functionality.  

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