How To Find Support During Your Divorce Process

How To Find Support During Your Divorce Process

How To Find Support During Your Divorce Process – Regardless of the way you view it, going through the divorce process is challenging for those involved. Not only can it be an overwhelming and confusing experience, but it can also be an isolating experience.

As the divorce rate continues to rise, with the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showing that it has reached the highest percentage in 50 years, it is becoming an increasingly more common thing to happen to many couples in both England and Wales.

The emotionally charged situation that is filing a divorce can affect all other areas of your life, and so finding support can help in making the process a little bit easier. If you are currently going through the divorce process, here is just a few ways to help make the difficult transition easier for both you and your family.

Get the Right Legal Support

Whilst this difficult situation not only brings with it an overwhelming degree of uncertainty, it can also lead to resentment between both parties, as the battle on who is entitled to what continues. From child arrangements to property disputes and also financial disputes, these factors to consider only heighten what is already a difficult situation.

Finding support through the right divorce solicitor who can help you in the process, by offering you guidance as they assist in navigating you through such testing times will allow a huge weight to be lifted off of your shoulders. Seeking support from solicitors to help you with advice on divorce, such as firms like Robertsons Solicitors, can help by showing you all the options that are available to you – many of which you may not have even realised.

Leaning on Your Network Of Friends

By having a close network of friends and family around you, they can help with some of the smaller obstacles that come with divorce, especially if there are children involved. Although you may have a family solicitor to help with the legal side of the situation, having an emotional support network to help you move forward with your life can also be hugely beneficial. A close network of people you trust can support you in finding a new place to live (if you need to relocate) or offering to look after children during any legal meetings you need to attend.

Finding Support Groups

Talking with friends and family will help with the process, but it can be difficult for them to fully understand the situation you are in if they have not gone through a divorce. As such, supports groups can be beneficial to individuals who are going through a challenging time, as they have been through the process and have experienced some of the same emotions you are facing. 

In the UK today, there are numerous divorce support groups available that range from helping you deal with both the emotional and psychological impact of divorce, to ones aimed at just mums and just dads and helping them to make the best decisions during such a difficult period.

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