How to Ensure your Wedding goes off Without a Hitch

How to Ensure your Wedding goes off Without a Hitch

How to Ensure your Wedding goes off Without a Hitch – We’ve all been there. When you’ve planned the dream wedding, you’re panicking that something won’t go to plan. For many, it is a feeling someone just can’t shake. However, you can take steps to ensure that the damage that could be caused can be minimal. Below, we discuss the best efforts to take to ensure you have peace of mind for the big day.

Get the wedding invitations sent out early

Wedding invitations can be stressful. Deciding on the design that fits your wedding can take time for some. Although you’ve sent out the save the dates, ticking the invites off your list can lead to less stress.

It’s better to get them done and out of the way. People have had their save the dates, so they should be free. It is then a case of inviting them and confirming the details. If the wedding invites have been designed, printed, and sent out, that means your finer details have been established to an extent. So, setting a deadline to get the invitations out means that you also have to get everything else confirmed! See where we are going here?

Also, you don’t need to spend time designing and printing the invitations yourself. That can be costly, and they won’t be quality if you’re not getting them printed by professionals. The quality of your invitation really sets the tone for your event. You just need to find companies that provide corporate printing services at an affordable price. Once you’ve found the right printing company to print your invitations, the best companies will take care of the rest. Let them work your magic, and it’s one less thing to take off your to-do list.

Know your guest’s dietary requirements

Here’s another common nightmare that people have. You find the best caterer, and their set menus look lovely. But at the wedding, disaster may strike. You may have a guest who has a food allergy or food intolerance (there is a difference!), and the whole event turns into a furore. Obviously, the biggest concern is ensuring nobody with an allergy consumes an allergen. Still, you also don’t want any customers to kick up a fuss.

The day is all about you, and you should not be worried about dietary requirements. Make sure to check all your guests’ needs before agreeing on anything with caterers so that they can make special arrangements. Obviously, the biggest nightmare is someone having an allergic reaction. That is the worst-case scenario. There could be other cases where a vegetarian person may be given a meat dish. In this scenario, that is when the furore could become a nuisance rather than a worry.

So, ensure you get all the dietary requirements you need to confirm your day goes as it should. Something so simple can be easily missed, and it can easily mess up your big day.

Think about the timings and seasons for your wedding

Outdoor weddings are actually becoming increasingly popular. This was a thing before coronavirus too! They are just now even more popular as it ensures people are not stuck in a small space.

However, outdoor weddings do take a little more planning. You have to consider the seasons (hopefully, you’re choosing spring and summer), but you also have to consider the timing. Nobody can control the British weather but let’s be sensible. An outdoor wedding in the winter doesn’t make any sense. It won’t ruin your day, but obviously, it is always preferable if your wedding occurs on a beautiful sunny day, rather than a cold and rainy day.

Think about artificial grass as a solution for an outdoor wedding

This also means that you need to take the ground into consideration. For an outdoor event, marquees make sense. But with marquees usually comes portable flooring. Some may opt for chessboard vinyl flooring, whereas others might want to keep it natural-looking and opt for something like artificial grass. Others will just choose to keep it natural and place a marquee or gazebo on natural grass. This is, of course, if the venue allows.

For the most natural-looking outdoor venue, artificial grass is probably the way forwards. You don’t want your wedding day ruined by mud being traversed all over the vinyl floor you’ve chosen, for example. It also limits the chance of someone slipping over. Health and safety should be at the back of your mind on your wedding day, and choosing the right flooring or ground wear will help give you peace of mind.

We know it’s a cliché but having a solid foundation (fake grass) helps you build the best wedding you can.

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