How To Cope As An Older Woman With Living Alone

How To Cope As An Older Woman With Living Alone

How To Cope As An Older Woman With Living Alone – There’s a lot of good that can come from living alone, but it can be quite overwhelming for those in their senior years. There are often concerns over health risks and feelings of loneliness, which isn’t great seeing as Millions of older people live alone. It’s okay, though.

If you’re an older woman who lives alone or is considering it, there’s nothing to be scared about. There are plenty of things you can do to help you cope with being by yourself, no matter what your worries are. Hopefully, the tips we’ve listed here will put your mind at ease.


There’s never a good time to suffer a fall, especially when you live alone. Without people around to help you out, the consequences could be more severe, which is why so many seniors list it as a major concern. 45% of UK older women fear falling, but if you take the right steps with proofing your house, you don’t have to be one of them. That includes keeping wires out of walkways, laying down non-slip mats in the bathroom, plugging in nightlights, and getting bars installed wherever necessary. Each of these things can help prevent accidents, making your home a much safer place to be.

Always Have Essentials Nearby

It never hurts to be prepared when you live by yourself. The more precautions you take, the safer you’re likely to feel. A good thing to consider is always having certain essentials nearby, including phone chargers, flashlights, and batteries. Placing these in the parts of the house where you spend most of your time will mean that they’re always readily available. That way, if the lights go out all of a sudden, or you need to call someone but your phone is dead, you’ll have a solution to your problems right by your side.

Make Regular Phone Calls

It can get pretty lonely living by yourself, which is why it’s important to keep in contact with your loved ones as often as possible. Even if they can’t be there with you in person, hearing their voice could do wonders for your mental wellbeing. Don’t worry if you’re not the savviest person when it comes to technology, because you can get specialized phones for the elderly from Their range of mobiles and landlines are designed with your needs in mind, so whether you have trouble with technology or you’re hard of hearing, you’re in safe hands with them. That goes for any hearing-related product, with things like doorbells, headphones, and hearing aids also available from these specialists.

Meet Your Neighbours

There are more ways to get your fix of human contact than simply speaking to your loved ones over the phone. Depending on where you live, it may be worth getting to know your neighbours. If there are people around you who are free to spend time with you, then you don’t always have to rely on family members to keep from feeling lonely. It’s always good to have a close friend or two who’s only ever a few doors away. 

Get A Personal Alarm

If you’re genuinely concerned about your safety and fear hurting yourself while alone, it could benefit you to get a personal alarm. Having this in your home or on your person will mean you’re only ever a button push away from receiving emergency assistance. That ought to be a huge weight off your mind, and it should also put your loved ones at ease, too. There is a range of personal alarms, so which one will best suit you depends on your needs. Whatever you choose, though, there’s a very good chance that it could save your life one day.

How To Cope As An Older Woman With Living Alone
Try to maintain a healthy diet

Look After Your Health

Your health is something that you should always take care of because it can affect your life in so many ways. Obviously, there are certain things that none of us can control, such as the impact of age. However, where possible, it’s good to try and look after yourself. That means eating well, staying active, and getting regular check-ups from your doctor. If you maintain these things, you’re likely to be in better health, which in turn can make you stronger and happier.   

Take Up Hobbies

Boredom can be a real problem when you live alone. With no-one around to talk to or do stuff with, time can pass by incredibly slowly. That’s why it’s a good idea to find some hobbies to fill the time with, especially if you’re no longer working. You’ve got all the usual activities that are often suggested for older people, such as reading, gardening, and painting. However, what you do is entirely up to you. As long as it occupies your time and keeps you engaged, the choice is yours.

Living alone can be an amazing experience, no matter your age. While it might be daunting for those who are older, hopefully, these suggestions have shown you that you can cope on your own.

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