How To Choose The Best Coffee Maker For Yourself?

How To Choose The Best Coffee Maker For Yourself?

How To Choose The Best Coffee Maker For Yourself? – If you’re a coffee lover and can’t function properly without your morning cuppa, you’re sure to crave that caffeine rush by mid-afternoon. Or sometimes, you might just savour the comfort of holding a hot cup of aromatic java on a lazy Sunday! Whatever the reason, you’ll need a coffee maker so you can make a perfect cup of coffee for yourself.

Are you wondering what exactly should be the best coffee maker?

 Everyone has different needs and will define “best” in different ways. The market is filled with numerous options. It may be a little confusing to decide which model to purchase. Therefore, you should figure out which coffee maker is the best for you by considering the following points:

1. Your Preferred Type Of Coffee

Whether it’s a cappuccino, espresso or the filtered coffee, the type of coffee you prefer is directly linked to the kind of coffee maker you need. With that in mind, you should also know that there are numerous drip coffee makers to choose from:

● Bean-to-cup machine: As the name suggests, all you need to add in this coffee maker is coffee beans and water. These machines have built-in coffee grinders. Many prefer to use freshly ground coffee instead of the pre-ground variety simply because of better taste.

● Filter coffee machine: These machines use pre-ground coffee. If you like black coffee, this is a good model to consider.

● Manual espresso machine: This is what you see in coffee shops. You can make a greater variety of coffee with these, from espresso to ristretto to cappuccino.

● Pod or capsule machine: Though costly, this hassle-free coffee maker uses pods to make individual cups of coffee. All you need to do is choose the flavour and strength.

2. Your Budget

Some coffee makers are quite pricey and can really put a dent in your pocket. That’s because specific features of coffee makers directly affect the pricing. The more features the coffee maker has, the greater the price. Therefore, it’s wise to decide which of the features of a coffee maker are the most essential for you in order to prepare your preferred coffee.

You can also consider the hidden costs of maintenance and electric consumption before your purchase. The cost of accessories such as pods, filters, and carafes will also add up. If your budget allows for such added expenses, choose a coffee maker brand accordingly.

3. The Number Of Cups You Consume Per Day

Do you drink just one cup or several? How many coffee drinkers are in your house? If you need only a cup, a pod machine is your best choice. But if you drink more coffee in a single day, there is a variety of coffee makers to choose from, depending upon the capacity you need.

4. The Features You’re Looking For

Many prefer manual coffee makers because they’re the simplest with respect to technology. But a smart machine is helpful for people who want to save time. Programmable coffee makers turn on automatically at a set time. This is a plus for those who love to wake up to the aroma of brewing coffee.

Another essential feature is the automatic shut off. Coffee makers with such a feature are perfect for those who are always rushing and forget to turn off their appliances.

5. How User-Friendly Is The Machine

Coffee makers should be hassle-free and easy to maintain. Convenience is essential as well. How easy is it to make, pour and drink your cup of coffee?

A drip tray aids in clean-up and helps avoid spills. Many coffee makers also have additional features such as auto-clean and water level indicators that are beneficial. So if you prefer convenience and user-friendliness as your top priority, you can choose a brand accordingly.

6. How Quickly Do You Need Your Coffee To Be Ready

Though most brewers work fairly fast, some people cannot even wait that long! Sounds familiar? Interestingly, some machines have an option to pause brewing so that you can start drinking your first cup, while the carafe fills up. I’ve picked up this great guide on how to use a coffee maker to give you some ideas.

7. Space You Have In Your Kitchen

Some coffee makers occupy a lot of counter space. For those with a small kitchen, size really matters. Compact coffee maker models are aesthetically designed to easily fit into any cramped kitchen.

So what’s the verdict?

What coffee maker should you select from the list of the 10 best drip coffee makers of 2018? Choose wisely from Home Grounds because by now, you must have got the idea about the factors that play a vital role in helping you choose the coffee maker that best suits your preferences. No matter which coffee maker you choose, at the end of the day, your investment will be worth that impeccable cup of coffee.

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