How businesses can use squared envelopes for marketing purchases

How businesses can use squared envelopes for marketing purchases

Separating your business from the competition in the mind of your customers is not easy especially when you are using direct mail for your marketing. Here are a few ideas to make the next time you post something to a customer, or a potential customer, stand out.

Make your envelopes a different size and shape from the ordinary mail. Square envelopes, for example, are a great way to separate your mail from your competitors and the rest of your customer’s post. Avoiding the ordinary sizes of envelopes will ensure that your customers pick up what you’ve sent them, improving the chances of them opening it and reading what’s inside. That’s the aim of sending out marketing by post you want your customer or potential customer to actually read and absorb the information you’ve sent them.

Think about weight

How will the envelope feel in your customer’s hands? Avoid cheap lightweight envelopes for attracting customers, maybe save money on the envelopes you send invoices out in instead. Think about the quality of the paper of the envelope. How does this comment on your business and how you value your customers? If you’re placing a large order of envelopes, then getting samples before you order thousands of them is a great way to make sure that it’s just what you need.

Finishes that match your business

There are loads of different finishes and some finishes are more suitable for different types of businesses. Wedding suppliers might want to go with a finish that reflects current wedding trends or if your business values its eco credentials then envelopes made of recycled paper will be perfect. You’re thinking about your brand and how this is reflected across all of your marketing materials. You want your customers to instantly recognise your mail before they’ve even picked it up.

Decorative printing and logos

One way to ensure that your customers recognise your mail when it lands on their doorstep is to have your logo printed on the front of your envelopes. A smart matching finish and printed logo will ensure everyone knows its exciting information about your business inside of the envelope. If you’re sending specialty marketing, for example at Christmas, then envelopes with a festive design will let your customers know your Christmas special offers are inside. Have a look at an online printer for a range of square envelopes and decorative envelopes in hundreds of finishes.

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