Homebuilder Reveals Which Houseplants Bloom Best In Each Room

Homebuilder Reveals Which Houseplants Bloom Best In Each Room

Leading developer Barratt Homes Mercia has created a guide this International Flower Day (19th January) to help residents’ properties blossom with a variety of budding houseplants. 

The annual awareness day is a celebration of nature and how even the simplest of flowers can have many benefits, which is especially important when in the comfort of the home. 

In the spirit of the day, the developer has provided a list of houseplants, which will grow the best in each room of your house. 

Steve Barton, Senior Sales Manager at Barratt Homes Mercia, said: “Many homeowners underestimate the qualities plants can bring to your house. 

“Research has shown they can boost moods and can be the perfect decoration to a home’s interior without having to break the bank.

“Each plant in our guide brings something fresh and vibrant to each room, and is extremely beneficial to the resident’s everyday living, no matter where they are in the house.”

Stay lively in the living room

Including houseplants in the lounge can help create an inviting atmosphere, so it’s important to make sure it’s given the best environment to flourish in whilst also being a bold living room piece. 

The Peace Lily is a fantastic option for homeowners, which gives back to their lounge area. Whilst it makes a statement, it’s easy to grow and also raises humidity levels by 5%, which is beneficial for residents’ health, as it reduces the likelihood of developing a cold from dry indoor air. 

The plant can decorate a dreary coffee table or spruce up a blank corner to give the area more of a homely feel and is the perfect lounge accessory. 

Potted Herbs in the kitchen

Use plants to cook in the kitchen

For those who love to make delicious meals and enjoy feeding the family, houseplants can be a great help in the kitchen whilst also adding a subtle touch of style. 

If buyers enjoy growing what they eat, they will benefit from some potted herbs, which they can dot along the windowsill or even on the workspace. Residents can pluck some of the sprigs and add them to their dishes to give a warm, homemade feel the whole family will love. 

A tranquil place for a workspace

Break up the chaos of the office space by suspending plants from the ceiling, making sure to use neutral pots to maintain the calming feel. 

If workers would rather decorate the corners, a cast iron plant is the perfect piece of foliage to have in the office, as it is easy to maintain around the hustle and bustle of work and creates a simple aesthetic whilst still providing the study space with a certain elegance. 

Tropical Plants for the Bathroom

Get tropical in the bathroom

A bathroom area is a place of rejuvenation and cleanliness, so the homebuilders are encouraging its residents to keep it simple with an arrowhead plant that can be grouped by the bath or the cupboard. 

These plants reduce poor air pollution so whilst homeowners relax in the bath after a long day of work, they can get a breath of fresh air in their own home.  

With the humidity in the bathroom, tropical plants will also blossom in the hot environment. The Begonia plant is a great choice as it only needs indirect light, is extremely colourful and also grows well indoors. The homebuilder suggests sitting it on the windowsill so it can grow downwards and soften the tiles. 

Steve continued: “Making your own mark on your property is important, and houseplants are a simple way to add to the décor and make residents feel at home.”

For more information on the B5 Central development, visit the website at www.barratthomes.co.ukor call the sales line on 033 3355 8475.

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